A Closer Look At The UNO App

By Justin ZarrSeptember 1, 20172 Comments

As technology continues to infiltrate our world, bowhunting and archery are no exception.   Trail cameras that send pictures straight to your phone, bluetooth trackable arrow nocks and phone apps that keep track of your stand locations and wind direction are just a few examples of how modern technology is being used in the hunting world.  The UNO app is an example of one technological advancement that’s making it easier than ever for archers to sight in their bows faster and more accurately.

What Is The UNO App?

Quite simply, the UNO app allows an archer to quickly and accurately determine proper pin gaps or create sight tapes based on a few simple measurements.

The UNO app allows you to quickly and accurately determine your pin gaps or proper sight tape.

How Do You Use The UNO App?

In order for the UNO app to work you will need to know three pieces of information.

  • Arrow Speed.  Using a chronograph determine the fps (feet per second) that your arrow is flying.  Be sure to use the arrow you intend on hunting with for this measurement as any change in arrow weight will affect pin gap and sight tape.

Using a chronograph, determine how fast your arrow is flying in feet per second.

  • Distance from peep sight to arrow at full draw.  This requires either a second person to take the measurement while you’re at full draw, or a draw board.

Measure from your peep sight to the arrow shaft while at full draw to the nearest 0.25″

  • Distance from peep sight to sight housing at full draw.  Again, this requires a second person or a draw board for an accurate measurement.

Measure peep sight to sight housing to the nearest 0.25″

Once you’ve obtained your measurements you simply input them into the app and proceed accordingly.  For those using multi-pin sights make sure you calibrate your app first using a ruler to make sure pin gaps are correct.  If you are using an HHA, Black Gold or Axcel sight the app will tell you which pre-printed tape you should be using.  For all other single pin adjustable sights the app provides a print-out of the correct tape for you.

For my HHA King Pin, the UNO app has calculated Tape 49 for my bow/arrow combo.

Watch the full video review below.

So Why Use the UNO App?

There are two main reasons that this app is beneficial for all archers.  First, it’s fast!  Saving time from sighting in the traditional way by moving your pins up and down a bunch of times means you have more time to practice your form and become proficient with your gear.

Second, it’s simply more accurate.  Math doesn’t lie and if you’ve put your measurements in properly your pin gaps and sight tape will be spot on.  For those archers who don’t shoot long distances on a regular basis or have a hard time getting good groups at 60 yards, this is the ticket.

archer at full draw

Spend less time sighting in and more time honing your skills thanks to the UNO app.

To learn more or to download the UNO app for your iPhone or Android make sure to visit http://www.velocitip.com/uno-app-download.html

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