Hunters Unite Against PETA Campaign

By Justin ZarrAugust 24, 20172 Comments

It’s no secret that in the war of hunters versus anti-hunters, PETA sets the bar as the leader in the anti-hunting movement.  They are the largest, loudest and most well-funded voice in opposition to hunting.  With a bevvy of celebrity supporters including Justin Bieber, Pamela Anderson and Charlize Theron being a part of PETA is all the rage among Hollywood elites.   In spite of overwhelming amounts of data which proves the North American Conservation Model, which promotes legal and ethical hunting to support and promote wildlife populations, is the most effective model at helping wildlife in the world, the anti-hunting agenda continues to solider on year in and year out.

In a recent attempt to further promote their anti-hunting mission, Peta teamed up with Facebook for a “Shoot Selfies, Not Animals” campaign.   This campaign allows users of the popular social media site to temporarily change their profile image to one which promotes this message.  Along with the profile change they allow you to directly donate to Peta through Facebook.  Historically we’ve seen these types of campaigns in a show of solidarity after terror attacks or natural disasters which are an attempt to bring people from all cultures, races and walks of life together.  This is the first time I’ve seen a campaign of this magnitude which attempts to divide people on a hot button issue.

I’m not sure this is what PETA intended when they launched their campaign. Whoops!

In response to the campaign, hunters on Facebook have banded together to take over not just the temporary profile imagery but the hashtag #shootselfiesnotanimals.  A quick search shows pages upon pages of hunters with photos of their kills and very few anti-hunting activists taking up the torch in support of PETA.  Once again we see the true colors of the American people when push comes to shove.  PETA may have billboards and celebrities to back them, but the heart and soul of our country is rooted in a culture that refuses to be silenced, and in decisions that are made based on logic and reason – not irrational emotion.

As a friendly reminder, if you decide to take up the cause on Facebook be sure you use the hashtag #shootselfiesnotanimals in your photos – this way your posts can be found by others!

Click here to view more photos on Facebook.

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