Does Your Broadhead Fly Like a Field Point?

By Bow StaffAugust 13, 2017

Beamer’s back with more field testing from the product line at NAP. This time he’s slingin’ arrows out to 70 yards to compare the flight of 3 different broadheads, along with one field point. Broadheads for this test include the Slingblade 100, Spitfire 100, Thunderhead Nitro 100 and a field point.

beamer with broadheads

Will these broadheads fly like a field point?

How will they stack up? Check out the video below to see…

Does your broadhead fly like a field point?

When you get "rightfully" questioned if your broadheads fly like field points or do field points fly like your broadheads…the answer is simple…Prove it. Being part of NAP is incredible. The staff is wonderful and the products are top-notched. I loved doing this challenge. Thank you everyone that supports us. We are grateful.Beamer and crew saying "Over and Out".

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What broadheads will you have in the quiver this fall? Comment below and let us know.

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