How to Use a Lineman’s Climbing Strap

As with anything, there’s a right way to do things and the wrong way. And when it comes to treestand safety, doing things the wrong way will get you killed. Knowing how to properly use a lineman’s climbing strap will make ascending and descending the tree much easier. It also makes the task of hanging and moving treestands a much more comforable and relaxed experience.

HSS lineman's climbing strap

Knowing how to properly use a lineman’s climbing strap can save your life.

So, thanks to our friends at Hunter Safety System, we offer a closer look at how to use a lineman’s climbing strap. Please, take the time to watch the video. But don’t JUST watch it. Apply it to the way you hunt and hang stands this season. The lineman’s climbing strap is a game changer in the way you can effectively hang stands and do tree work in preparation for opening day.

Regardless of how you’ve done it in the past, take the extra time and effort this year to make sure you return home to family and friends safe. No excuses. Know how to use the lineman’s climbing strap.

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