Whitetail Deer Scouting: Intro to Scouting [VIDEO]

Your success in the whitetail woods this fall will depend on a number of factors, however, none greater than the scouting efforts you employ. Sure, there will be countless hunters who simply rely on luck and still manage to fill their tags. Being in the right place at the right time always wins out no matter how much time you put in to scouting. But there’s more to the game than relying on mere luck to help you punch your buck tag. Scouting is the key to consistently punching deer tags year after year.

BHOD prostaffer, Josh Fletcher, takes us on an in-depth look at scouting for whitetail deer through this exciting series we’ll be sharing as we head towards deer season once again.

deer scouting map

Don’t leave your deer season up to luck. Make it happen this year through proper scouting.

Up first, an intro to scouting and how we break down the scouting efforts in the areas we hunt.

Check it out here…

Comment below and let us know what your off-season and preseason scouting regimen looks like.

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