How To Cape a Turkey

We recently posted an article and videos on how to prep a turkey fan for display. The turkey fan is one of the most common trophies hunters will display on the wall. But if you’re wanting to turn things up a notch, and add a little more bird into your display, then you should try caping your next turkey for displaying in your house or man-cave. Here’s a quick look at how to cape a turkey.

cape a turkey

Caping out a turkey is a lot more tedious than simply cutting off the tail fan, but you’ll ultimately have a much nicer display for the wall.

The process is fairly simple, provided you take your time and move slowly with your knife. I tend to get impatient and let my knife eat a little more than it needs to. The skin on a turkeys back is very thin and it’s easy to cut through if you’re not careful. Use a super sharp knife, but one that you can control and maneuver with ease.

Here’s a video that’ll walk you through the process of caping a turkey…

And that’s it. As you can see, it’s not a really hard job, just one that requires you to take your time as you cut your way down the back of the bird. Give it a try this season for a really cool new option for putting more feathers on the wall.


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