How to Use a Turkey Mouth Diaphragm Call

By Bow StaffMarch 25, 2017

The mouth diaphragm turkey call is one call that every turkey hunter ought to have in his or her bag of tricks each spring. But surprisingly, many would-be callers are actually scared of this particular type of call.  Maybe they’ve struggled to produce the sounds, or perhaps even gagged to the point of choking while trying to use a mouth diaphragm call.  In either case, many hunters have sworn off trying mouth diaphragm calls.

mouth diaphragm

Mouth calls from Knight & Hale.

The fact is, they are the most versatile calls on the store shelf and ones that can and will help you kill more turkeys. And when you slow things down and take it all step by step, the mouth call is not all that hard to learn to use.

The video below features Chris Parrish of Knight & Hale Game Calls taking the caller step-by-step on how to use a mouth diaphragm turkey call….without choking. So if you’ve always wanted to learn how to use a turkey mouth call, here’s your chance! Check it out…

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