Cougar Encounter With Turkey Decoys

You see a lot of crazy things when you’re trying to call turkeys in the spring. Hunters routinely call in coyotes, bobcats, and other small predatory critters to their turkey decoys. But few of us have, or ever will, encounter a cougar checking out our decoys. But it happens. And the hunters that have their cameras rolling manage to document the rare encounters for the world to see.

Cougar checking out turkey decoys

How would you react if a cougar showed up at 15 yards to check out your turkey decoys?

One Florida hunter not only saw it, but captured that very encounter on his phone. And you just might be surprised at how the big cat reacted to the decoys. Listen close and you can hear the calls this cat makes.

Check it out…

Turkey hunter and Puma

Hunters are the eyes and ears of the woods. Here is another great video of a puma, shot in south Florida by a turkey hunter. No puma died in the making of this video.Keep sending us your pictures and videos!

Posted by The Panthers of South Florida on Tuesday, March 14, 2017

What’s the craziest decoy encounter you’ve ever had while sitting in the turkey woods? Comment below and let us know what you think.


  1. Brad Patterson says:

    I took my wife out with me a few years back, in fact it was her first time ever being in the woods during turkey season. She was sitting against a tree about 7-8 yards to my right, and the last time I had looked over at her she was sleeping… Anyway, I heard something coming behind me. It turned out to be a squirrel. He came between us and ran out in front of me and then jumped up on a log about fifteen yards in front of me. My decoys were on the other side of the log. The squirrel ran down the log and then all of a sudden jumped right into the side of one of my hen hen decoys, collapsing the whole side of it and then falling straight to the ground where he then ran off. I looked over at my wife to see if she had maybe woken up, because there was no way anyone would have believed my story if I was the only one who claimed to see it. Luckily, I could see her shaking from laughter! I still have no idea why that squirrel decided to pounce on my decoy, but it was sure funny.

  2. Thrawk!

  3. The WI DNR would call that a bobcat!


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