Montana Legalizes Lighted Nocks

By Bow StaffMarch 6, 20176 Comments

Montana is a beautiful state with ample opportunity for bowhunting big game. But along with nature’s bounty, you’ll also find Montana to have some of the quirkiest wildlife rules and regulations in the country. One being that lighted nocks are not legal for bowhunting in the state. That is until now. MT FWP recently voted 3-1 to allow lighted nocks for bowhunters during the archery-only hunting season.

lighted nock

Montana bowhunters finally have the chance to catch up with more modern times and enjoy the excitement of hunting with a lighted nock.

The ruling has been a long time coming. The topic has been tabled again and again over the last five years. Traditional bowhunters in the state have continued to oppose the use of lighted nocks for fear that it will be the beginning of technological advancements creeping into the hunting lifestyle enjoyed in Montana.

Regardless of what side you’re on, lighted nocks will now find their way onto the arrow shafts of bowhunters across the Treasure State in 2017.

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