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Deer Euthanized 9 Days After Ovary Removal

Last week we reported on a deer sterilization project taking place in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The project consists of both lethal and non-lethal means of reducing the local deer herd. We’ve now received word that Deer #32, one of the deer that had its ovaries removed through the non-lethal sterilization portion of the project, has been euthanized due to failing health.

Deer Sterilization

Time will tell how effective this “non-lethal” means of deer management truly is.

According to a report by, the deer was found in a state of distress and was euthanized on Friday, Feb. 3, according to the city and White Buffalo Inc., the Connecticut-based wildlife control contractor hired by the city to carry out the sterilization experiment. Deer #32 had been spotted several times throughout the previous week. Once standing in the middle of traffic, and once acting overly friendly as it approached a vehicle.


“Upon examination, the sterilization incision appeared to be healed and was not infected, and there were no signs of bleeding, discharge or trauma,” according to an incident report shared by the city.  However, because the animal was in distress, Dr. DeNicola decided that the humane course of action was to euthanize the deer by injection.”

This method of deer management has sparked controversy throughout the Ann Arbor area, as well as across the country. Its effectiveness remains to be seen.  We want to hear from you. What do you think about the method and means by which deer management is being handled in Ann Arbor? Comment below, and let us know your thoughts.


  1. Rodney hartline says:

    As a avid hunter it makes me sick to see this, there is better ways to control the deer population, they already had the deer tranquilized they could have moved them to arias affected by ehd to help bring back the population in southwest Michigan. Deer numbers are down in southwest Michigan.

  2. Chris Massena says:

    This is ridiculous and a waste of money! Give out more doe tags and have more hunting seasons. Stop trying to control things in a unnatural way

  3. Best method for population control is hunting. Expand the doe limits as well as the season length.

    • Richard Zangaro says:

      Exactly my point too!

    • I agree 100% with DougG. Its not right to alter the wildlife. But control things how we have controlled things for eons. By hunting. You know how many families could benefit from an over population of deer. Instead of trying to engineer a way to stop them from breeding get people out there and hunting.

  4. Rick France says:

    what a pitiful waste of an animas life. when a hunter takes an animal it is completely utilized as food, leather, sometimes glue. Point is the animal did lose its life for nothing. what a hair brained scheme, and a waste of tax payers money and natural resources. Extend the hunting season, sell extra tags and make a little money to solve your over population problem.

  5. Richard Zangaro says:

    I believe it’s an asinine way to thin out the deer population, why not open an all year long bow season and do it naturally the way it was intended to be. Take away restrictions on numbers of antlers and what gender can be taken.

  6. Hayden Peterman says:

    It is dumb and a waste of government money. Should let the hunters take care of the issue by issuing more tags

  7. Billie norman says:

    Another epic fail committed by well meaning idiots that will do NOTHING to help the people OR the deer.

  8. Stop the mindless waste of money,and issue more doe tags.We are supposed to be intelligent.

    • Who ever said that the animal activists were intelligent, hunting is a proven method that will control over population. However deer that stay in the city where they are safe is another issue.


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