Morph Pro Bow Hanger: Coolest Product of 2017 ATA Show?

The 2017 ATA Show is full of new products that manufacturers hope will be the next big thing in the archery and bowhunting industry. Some are great. Others are flops. But one of the slickest products we’ve yet to come across at this year’s show is the Morph Pro Bow Hanger System from Outright Hunting Products.

morph pro

The Morph Pro from Outright Hunting Products is an exciting new product designed to make life in the treestand easier.

This is one of those products that meets a big need for the treestand hunter. The Morph Pro makes hanging bow hangers and accessory hooks quick and simple. It really takes all the frustration out of hanging hooks and hangers when you climb into the treestand. As compared to the installation process of conventional hangers, the Morph Pro offers several unique advancements; all of which are attributed to the patented Quick Connect Screw and quick detach design.

Morph Pro

The key to this product is the quick detach design.

Morph Pro

Here’s the bow hanger attached to the screw mount, as well as a look at the bare quick connect screw mount below it.

There’s several installation methods, including the company’s standard, powered, and ratchet-styled tools. These multiple installation methods make for super quick installation.

Morph Pro

A screw bolt attachment also allows you to hang accessory hooks from a treestand.

The bow hangers are available in 15″ or 23″. Because of the quick disconnect system, one hanger can be used in a number of stand locations, quick and easy when the screw mount is pre-installed ahead of time.

Morph Pro

In addition to buying the Morph Pro by the individual parts, you can also buy the unit in a complete kit that retails for $119.99.

Check out the company’s website for more information at



  1. Matthew says:

    Yeah definitely one of the coolest accessories out there. Little spendy but man it looks good.

  2. This is a great product. I know some people think it is spendy but you have to look at what you get. This will take all the hassle of having a screw in or strap on hanger at every stand you hunt. If you add up all the prices for multiple hangers and accessories this great product beats them all. I tell all of my friends about this product every chance I get.

  3. Stephen says:

    I used the Morph Pro all season and it is as cool as it looks. Very versatile, I used it in both permanent set locations and on some run and gun setups on public land using the strap on QD bracket. You can set this up with any combination imaginable. It’s quick and quite and eliminates some of the problems you run into with conventional bow hangers. I highly recommend you giving the Morph Pro a try.


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