8-Point Buck Trashes Christmas Tree in Living Room

By Bow StaffDecember 24, 2016

A hunter never forgets the story of his first deer kill. While some stories are plain and simple, others are wild and seemingly far fetched. But there’s one young man that recently claimed his first deer, and the story of just how it all went down may be the craziest “first deer” story of all time. No, you don’t typically read hunting reports with headlines like, “8-Point Buck Trashes Christmas Tree in Living Room,” but that’s just what happened.

buck trashes christmas tree

A Christmas story like no other!

High school senior, Ryan Manchester, thought an intruder had invaded their home when he ultimately discovered an 8-point buck crashing into the family Christmas tree in the living room. It’s unclear whether the buck was actually trying to make a rub on the Christmas tree or was simply tangled up in the lights. Either way, the tree came crashing down. The deer went on into other rooms on a destructive rampage in his quest to find a way out.

Manchester called the local authorities for help but they didn’t appear to take the situation too seriously. He then called his dad for access to the gun safe. He would now take matters into his own hands. After obtaining his dad’s pistol, Manchester headed back downstairs to fight back.

Yes, it’s a story you just have to see to believe. So here it is…

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