BowTech BT-X Bow Review

By Brodie SwisherSeptember 13, 2016

The new BowTech BT-X is arguably one of the slickest bows to come around in a long time. And with killer looks and incredible performance, the BowTech BT-X is one of the hottest bows of 2016. BowTech’s “Refuse to Follow” mentality has led to the creation of some pretty unique innovations over the years, and the BT-X is no exception. The bow is being touted as one of the most adjustable bows ever built. And with plenty of options to help archers “customize” this bow to fit them perfectly, it could easily live up to the hype.

BowTech BT-X

I had the chance to test drive the BowTech BT-X in Kansas while chasing spring turkeys.

I was introduced to this bow over the 2016 spring turkey season. I had the opportunity to participate in a Kansas turkey hunt along with several media members from the hunting industry. Bowtech was the bow sponsor for this particular hunt, and the BT-X was the bow that I was packing.

First Impressions on the BowTech BT-X

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t impressed with this bow right out of the box. This bow is easy to love. It felt great in my hand and rock solid at full draw. Seriously, there was no awkward torqueing or balancing issues with this bow at full draw. You pull it back, and it sits there, steady and flat, in your hand. I was very impressed by how steady this bow is at full draw.

Buzz on the Bowtech BT-X

BowTech fans are hailing the BT-X as the perfect combination of speed, balance, and strength in an ultra-compact design. And I tend to agree. Right from the start, I was impressed at how quickly this bow would thump an arrow. The 28” cam system is what I was shooting. It’s said to fling arrows at speeds of 333 feet per second, while its big brother, the 31” cam system, zips arrows at 350 fps. The superb balance I felt from the start is largely due to the revolutionary skeletal riser that was specifically engineered to remove unwanted weight. The result being, optimal balance and reinforced stability.

Specs on the Bowtech BT-X

While the BT-X could be confused for a speed bow, it was actually designed for hunting. The specs include a draw length range of 25.5”-28″ and IBO Speed of 333 FPS. The mass weight of the BT-X is 4.1 pounds, and the axle to axle length is 31”. The bow has a 6” brace height. And whether you’re a lightweight, or heavyweight, you’ll find draw weights ranging from 50, 60, 70, and 80 pounds. You’ll also find a comfortable 80% let-off on the BT-X and 86.2 foot pounds of kinetic energy. The bow rings up for $1099 retail.

Feel & Performance

I’ll be honest, there was a bump that got my attention when the cams rolled over upon reaching full draw the first time I drew this bow back. However, I’ve been a single cam guy for more years than I can remember, so most dual cam bows typically feel uniquely different from what I’ve been use to in the past. As we’ll discuss more in a minute, the adjustability in this bow allows you to set this bow in one of several settings allowing for a comfortable draw cycle.

full draw

My chronograph is out of commission so I took the bow up to Bill Hearney of Bill’s Archery in Paris, TN. I knew he’d get a kick out of playing with the new BowTech.

We shot the BT-X through the chronograph with my hunting setup and got the following results:

28″ Draw Length @ 60# / 385 grain arrow weight = 278 feet per second.


278 fps is not too shabby for such a light poundage bow and fairly short draw length.


I’m not typically one to call anything but my wife, sexy. But, I got this bow in the black finish…and it truly is one sexy looking machine.

And the finish is solid. I don’t know how they do it, but it’s like a rhino liner for your bow. It’s tough stuff. I don’t see it wearing off like other bows typically do after some light abuse.


As previously mentioned, this bow is built to be the ultimate in adjustability. It comes with the latest technologies for consumer adjustability and customization. The company created a lot of buzz in recent years with their PowerShift technology. This system allows you to pick your poison. With a simple adjustment, the PowerShift allows the shooter to customize the draw cycle to adapt to their shooting style.

Micro Sync Dial

I’m a sucker for user friendly features that make a bowhunter’s life easier. And when we’re talking about the ability to make simple, in-the-field fixes…I’m all in.

Taking things a step further in creating the ultimate in adjustability, BowTech added the Micro Sync Dial. Adjustments made with the Micro Sync Dial will allow the end user the ability to fine tune the cam synchronization in small finite increments without the need for a bow press.

Adjustments can be made quick and simple, with nothing more than an allen tool, adjustments from the dial, and guidance from the reference markers. No press…no problem. It’s a pretty slick concept.

CPX Riser

The foundation of the BT-X is its CPX Riser. Bowtech went above and beyond to cut the fat on this one to create an incredibly quiet bow that sets the bar high in balance and feel. CPX stands for Center Pivot Extreme. The concept was to build a bow riser that was as stable as anything ever created, free from torque and vibration. The CPX riser will not be twisted. The result is ideal string alignment. The intention of the design was to create a steady and smooth draw resulting in the cleanest and most accurate shot possible.

Carbon Core Limbs

The muscle built into this bow comes from its Carbon Core limbs. Bowtech’s move to create a better limb and riser design over the last decade or more has been impressive to watch. You just never know what these guys are going to come up with next. The intentions of the Carbon Core limb design was to maximize durability and significantly increase efficiencies compared to other limb designs on the market. The achieved result was more energy and speed down range.


I really like the grip on the BT-X. It’s simple and sleek. It’s a nice change from some of the oversized, blocky grips on other bows. Say goodbye to the feeling of holding a 2×4 when you’re gripping your bow. This grip fits nicely in your hand and stays put. It also features some really slick wood accents that give the bow a sharp look.


The FLX-Guard is a little feature that packs a big punch when it comes to helping eliminate riser torque. The FLX-Guard responds by flexing inward, absorbing the cable guard torque that would have otherwise been transferred to the riser resulting in a substantial reduction in lateral nock travel, allowing for tuneability, forgiveness, and accuracy.

Overdrive Binary Cam

Once again, BowTech stepped way outside the box when they came up with the concept for their Overdrive Binary Cam system. It’s not new, but it’s one of the staples in their lineup of technological advancements, and it’s now on the majority of the bows across their product line, including the BT-X.

The Overdrive Binary Cam allows for the highest levels of tuning and consistency by combining all the best of what you’d look for in a cam system; Symmetry, Synchronization, and Stability. The result is a system that is 100% tunable and designed to maximize cam stability while maintaining perfect synchronization for unmatched accuracy.

Rotating Module

Getting back to adjustability, this bow allows you to make draw length adjustments on the fly. No waiting on special order replacement cams or modules. It’s one of the things that sets BowTech apart from many other bow companies. Their bows do not require a new cam or module to set your draw length. You simply remove the module screws, rotate the module to the desired position, and then re-tighten. This design allows for six inches of draw length adjustment.

How big a deal is that?

Well, it honestly saved my hunt when I got my BT-X in on a last minute UPS run, right before I left for Kansas. The draw length was bottomed out, falling far too short of my cheek. I would have been bow-less if I would have had to wait on a replacement cam or module. However, a quick and simple in-house adjustment and I was where I needed to be. That’s a game changer. And to me, that’s huge.

It’s also a great feature should you find yourself wanting to sell your bow to upgrade to a newer model. Having to buy a cam or modules to make a used bow fit a potential buyer can often be a deal breaker. This bow is designed with a one-size-fits-all concept built right in.

Final Thoughts

The BT-X was designed for the hunt. Our Kansas turkey hunt found us sitting in the ground blind most days. Two hunters, two bows, and way too much gear, all crammed into one ground blind. The smaller framed BT-X worked perfect when it came to maneuverability in the tight confines of the ground blind. It’s short and sweet, making it a great option for ground pounders as well as treestand hunters.

turkey double

Laden Force, of BowTech, and I had the chance to pull off a Kansas double while breaking in a couple new bows.

This bow is the real deal. It’s fast, accurate, and really shooter-friendly. The bow is a great example of the company’s slogan, “Refuse to Follow.” If you’re an innovation geek that’s always looking to step away from the norm, this bow is for you. This ain’t your grand-daddy’s bow! It’s way better.

Check out more on the BT-X at Better yet, stop in to your local BowTech dealer, and check it out soon. I think you’ll be glad you did.

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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