Fin-Finder Hydro-Glide Pro Rest Review

By Bow StaffJune 29, 2016

The Hydro-Glide rest from Fin-Finder is easily summed up as solid and simple. Simple is good. I like simple. But I really like a piece of hunting equipment that is simple and solid.

But the Fin-Finder crew is never one to rest on a good thing. They are constantly working to make bowfishing gear better. And that’s exactly what led to the design of the Hydro-Glide Pro Rest.

poseidon bow at full draw

What bowfishing rest do you count on to cradle your arrow? Try the Hydro-Glide Pro Rest this summer.

Fin-Finder re-engineered their original Hydro-Glide bowfishing arrow rest to deliver performance and accuracy in an even better arrow rest. Read on to see what that looks like.

The original Hydro-Glide contains your arrow pretty stinkin’ well. But if you’re looking for full containment of your arrow as you dance around the boat deck, hold your bow at your side, or any other maneuvering prior to the shot, this arrow rest will have you covered.

fin finder arrow rest

Does your arrow rest keep your arrow ready for the shot at all times?

How It’s Made

I like the fact that there really isn’t much to this rest. It’s a light and tight package. There’s not a lot of parts and piece to snag your bowstring or interfere with the shot. It’s constructed of heavy-duty T-6 aluminum, so it will no doubt outlast some of those plastic competitors. The rest also features stainless steel hardware to keep it performing long after being soaked with water, fish slime, and whatever other abuse it encounters.

hydro glide pro rest

Solid and dependable, the Fin-Finder Hydro-Glide Pro Rest is a great foundation for your bowfishing bow.

It features a small, flexible tab that easily holds your arrow once nocked. Loading and unloading an arrow is simple and not restricted by this tab in any way. The tab can quickly be removed if you’d rather not use it or ever find the need to replace it.

hydro glide pro rest

The rest features a unique gripper tab to keep your securely in place and ready for the shot.

How It Glides

The rest also features a blue Delrin channel that seems to be pretty much bullet proof. I knew Delrin must be some type of serious plastic, but that’s about it. So I looked it up. What I found was that it’s a crystalline plastic known for its high strength and toughness. What that means for the shooter is that it’s smooth and slick for better arrow flight and shootability. It will no doubt take a beating.

fin finder rest

The rest is smooth drawing and deadly accurate thanks to the blue Delrin base.

How It Adjusts

Another cool feature of this rest is its toolless micro-drive system. You can make quick and easy adjustments with your fingers. No tools required. And that’s a really good thing when you’re wading the shallows or standing on the boat deck in the dark of night.

hydro-glide adjustment knobs

Quick and easy, tool-less adjustments make the Hydro-Glide Pro Rest quick and easy to set up .

The Hydro-Glide Pro is available in right and left-handed models.

See more on the Hydro-Glide Pro, as well as the complete line of bowfishing gear at


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