Best Bowhunting Tattoos

By Bow StaffJune 19, 2016

Looking for some fresh ink? Let’s face it. Some tats are better than others. Many are regrettable, while others are timeless. Countless bowhunters have pledged their passion an allegiance to the sport through ink on the arm, leg, back…or other place. Just in case you were looking for some ideas, here’s a few of the best bowhunting tattoos we’ve come across.

First up…If you’re willing to sacrifice your whole back for the sake of the tat, then this one may be for you. Despite the quartering-to shot angle, this one is pretty slick. It’s certainly got the old-school artsy touch.

bowhunting tattoo on back

This one no doubt took some time. But when you commit your whole back to your bowhunting passion, you’re obviously pretty committed.

Tattoos help share one’s story or convey the passion they have for a particular aspect of life.

treestand tattoo

Here’s a little skull/collage combo tattoo that speaks to one’s love of hunting bucks from above.

Needless to say, we all share a love for time in the treestand. There we find some of life’s greatest moments. For that reason, many hunters feel compelled to make the moment permanent with a tattoo. Like a shoulder mount on the wall, a tattoo will lead others to ask about the story. They will inquire about the significance of the ink on your arm. It will be something to share until the memory – or ink – fades away.

Here’s another treestand tat that speaks to one hunter’s addiction for chasing whitetail bucks with a bow.


Yep, this one may come off as a little creepy. But just in case you decide to stamp yourself with an exit wound, this one will no doubt give you some ideas. Just be sure you like the brand of broadhead you have permanently added to your arm.

broadhead tattoo

This tattoo adds another whole element to the phrase, “Leaving your mark.”

Here’s a pretty slick tattoo concept.

paired-hunting-tattoo-on-both-legsSure, one side needs the other to pull this one off, but when it does come together, this is a pretty unique tattoo. There’s nothing like ground pounding big bucks with a bow, right? And this one depicts old school hunting at its best. Vintage camo, bow, and even the hat.
This one is a classic!
Of course, our list of best bowhunting tattoos would not be complete without one of our own. Bowhunt or Die prostaffer, Mike Pearce, is as passionate about his bowhunting as anybody. He’s eat up with it. On his forearm you’ll find his commitment to the team.
pearce tattoo on arm

Mike Pearce at full draw with his Bowhunt or Die ink.

What about you? Got any cool and creative hunting ink you care to share? Comment below and let us know what you have or have seen.
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