Turkeys VS. Mailman [VIDEO]

By Bow StaffMay 5, 2016

While some hunters across the country continue to struggle to bring a strutter within bow range, one mailman is literally experiencing a gang of gobblers at his feet…everyday. Turkeys VS. Mailman. Who will win?

turkeys vs. mailman

Nothing stops the mail, right? This mailman seems to have his work cut out for him at this particular stop.

Maybe it’s time to trade in camo and bows for mailman shorts and a big stick. Whatever it takes, right?

Watch how this mailman handles the whole flock as these bully birds attempt to show him who the boss truly is.

What do you think? Are these domesticated wild birds, or pets gone wild? Have you seen wild turkeys lose their fear of humans? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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