Great Quivers for 2016

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The arrow quiver you place on your bow can often be an afterthought. We put a lot of money into other bow accessories but often neglect much attention to the quiver. The truth is, there are some really great quivers out there designed to help you hunt quieter, shoot better, and stay more comfortable on the tournament trail. Here’s a few we came across this week at the ATA show.

Mathews Arrow Web HD Quivermathewsquiver

In addition to all the buzz created over the 2016 Mathews Halon bow, the company is also stirring things up in the quiver market with their all-new Arrow Web HD-SERIES quiver. The quiver features added Harmonic Damping in both the newly designed body and the new HD SpiderClaw to reduce sound intensity by 55%. This versatile quiver easily converts to right or left-handed mounts and adjusts vertically to accommodate longer arrows. All HD-Series quivers include a detachable blade protector for use with expandable broadheads and a new foam insert designed to fit most expandable broadheads and fixed blades 1-1/8” and under.

Alpine SL2

The Soft Loc 2 is a newer rendition of the Soft Loc. It was upgraded to the Power Loc Mounting System and uses better quality guide rails. It accommodates two-, three- and four-blade broadheads well. Comes with a redesigned arrow gripper. 3 and 5 arrow models are available.

Alpine Soft Loc 2Alpine Bear Claw

The Bear Claw is very similar to the Soft Loc. This new quiver comes in three- and five-arrow options. It is a universal quiver system designed to perform well. The treestand hunter was kept in mind during the designing process. Holds conventional broadheads and mechanical broadheads well. Like it’s cousin, the Alpine SL2, the Bear Claw is available in 3 and 5 arrow models. It’s a great economical option for the treestand hunter.

Alpine Bear Claw

Fin-Finder Arrow Lock Bowfishing Quiver

Do you like Bowfishing? Look no farther for a quiver. This new Bowfishing quiver will hold an arrow well. But it’s also easy to remove arrows, too. It swivels to turn to the exact angle you need it. Attaches quick and removes with ease. It’s a great option for keeping your arrows nice and neat while in commute to the water, as well as when tucked away in the boat.

Fin Finder Arrow LockArcher Xtreme Nitrix

The Nitrix was introduced in 2015, but it’s a much different quiver from what it was then. They addressed several hardware issues they had in the previous design and now have a product that is more structural sound. Adjustable carbon fiber arrow rack accommodates any length arrow and dampens noise and vibration. The quiver also feature an articulated mounting system for better balance and more accuracy. The Gripper locking system keeps arrows snugly in place. The quiver is available in 4 and 6 arrow designs.

Archer Xtreme NitrixTightSpot 5-Arrow

We had the opportunity to spend a few minutes visiting with Joe Jacks of TightSpot Quiver to see the latest from one of the leading companies in the quiver category. Joe shared with us that the quivers have taken on several new camo options for 2016. The product line expands with quivers now available in Realtree, Lost Camo, Mossy Oak, KUIU, and a cool new skull camo pattern. The 5-arrow quiver also got an upgrade with a new light and tight crossbar designed to reduce overall weight and help reduce torque. And if you know anything about TightSpot Quivers you know that they are already an incredible 0-Torque option for hunters shooting with their quiver on.

tightspotjoe (Large)

OMP Switch Hip Quiver

The new Switch Hip Quiver from October Mountain Products is versatile for left or right-handed shooters and features plenty of storage for a long day on the range. Four arrow tubes keep your arrows spread out in whatever fashion you care to place them. The quiver features some great looks as well with models available in Realtree and a really slick looking Mathews quiver in Lost Camo.

mattwithswitchhipElevation Nerve Field Quiver

The Nerve Field Quiver from Elevation are a bold new quiver with great looks and performance details you won’t find anywhere else. The quiver features a hard-surfaced “point-plate” that ensures you won’t experience snags and hang-ups as you slide your arrow back in the quiver. The quiver is simple, yet features adequate pockets to stash your goods along the tournament trail. The quiver is designed to securely confine your arrows free from the banging and clanging as you walk the trail.


Quick Draw Bowfishing Quiver

The Quick Draw Bowfishing Quiver is a really nice lightweight option that won’t bulk you down when wading the shallows in search of big fish. It’s also a great option to simply store your extra arrows while in the boat. It features an adjustable rubber padded shoulder strap and comfort grip handle. It also features a zippered side compartment for storing your little extras.


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