Cirrus Hunt Vape

By Bow StaffJanuary 5, 20161 Comment

Let’s admit it. We all love cool new gadgets. And when it’s a cool new gadget that actually solves a Cirrusprevious problem, it’s all the better.

There’s no doubt that wind detection gear has evolved greatly over the last several decades. We’ve gone from feathers and puffs, to powder and flames. But now, wind detection has never been more accurate.

Using Vape Technology, Cirrus has created the ultimate in WIND and THERMAL direction with Hunt Vape. One small rechargeable unit giving you thousands of wind checks that accurately expose the carry and direction of your scent is now available. It’s light, simple to use, and delivers a more accurate reading of what the wind is doing where you hunt. Quit fooling with messy powders or puffs that stick to your gloves. Try out the new Hunt Vape.

See the Cirrus Hunt Vape in action here…

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