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There’s tons of great new gear being unleashed this week at the 2016 ATA show in Louisville, KY. We’re bringing you all the updates right here at, so be sure to check in often for the latest info.

Here’s a quick rundown on the top new hunting arrows for 2016.

Carbon Express Maxima BLU RZ Select

Improving upon last year’s Maxima BLU RZ the Select features an unbeatable straightness tolerance along with Red Zone technology for the ultimate in accuracy.

Gold Tip Kinetic Pierce Platinum

Gold Tip’s Kinetic Pierce Platinum features precise specs: a .0025-inch straightness and +/- .5-grain weight tolerance. Wind has little effect on this micro-diameter arrow, and its light weight delivers flat trajectory. Furthermore, its energy carries downrange for outstanding penetration. The patent-pending Ballistic Collar Insert System gives the arrow incredible strength and precision. Kinetic Pierce Platinums are hand-sorted for consistency, and feature a Nock Collar for increased durability.

Gold tip Kinetic Pierce Platinum

Victory Archery VAP TKO

Victory Archery’s VAP TKO is a 100-percent-carbon shaft with 45-degree Flat Tow Weave – a construction that delivers remarkable tolerances. A .166-inch shaft diameter slices through wind and penetrates deep. Combined with Victory’s new VAP Shock Insert, the VAP TKO delivers precision broadhead alignment and unparalleled durability. The standard VAP Shock weighs 35 grains, but a 95-grain stainless-steel option is also available. The Nano Ceramic ICE coating improves penetration and makes target removal easy.

Victory VAP TKO.jpg

Victory Archery XBolt

Its 100-percent carbon-fiber construction makes Victory Archery’s XBolt ready to handle abuse from high-power crossbows. It’s not only tough, but maintains straightness unlike aluminum bolts or carbon bolts with cheap filler materials. A brass insert ensures front-of-center, delivers excellent flight, and packs a serious punch. A quality Bohning half-moon nock decreases back-end weight and provides a consistent launch. Available in 20- and 22-inch lengths, Victory has added a 24-inch version for 2016.


SLASH arrows unleash a double dose of lethal effects. INsetBlades deploy once the standard fixed-blade head has created a pilot hole. The result is a 275-percent-larger wound channel with 5.25 linear cutting inches. The hydrostatic shock this wicked setup produces puts game down fast. Say hello to a revolutionary concept in arrow/broadhead technology. Say goodbye to tedious tracking jobs.

Deer Crossing Archery ECO Hunter

Deer Crossing Archery launches its ECO Hunter, spined for 55- to 75-pound bows. Economically priced, the arrow weighs only 9 grains per inch. It’s constructed of Deer Crossing’s proprietary C2 material, which ensures strength and precision throughout. Available in +/- .006-inch straightness or better, this arrow is ideal for budget-conscious shooters, and reflects back to DCA’s beginnings when it offered only one arrow, one spine and one straightness, all for one really low price.

BloodSport Athena

Women are becoming involved in bowhunting in record numbers, and women’s-specific gear is in high demand. Like all BloodSport arrows, the Athena line features impeccable specs. These 100-percent-carbon shafts are designed specifically for performance and penetration from low-poundage bows. Pink or purple accents deliver impressive touches women will love.


Easton FMJ 6MM

Easton FMJ 6MMEaston’s Full Metal Jacket has long been a go-to bowhunting arrow. It augments your bow’s full penetrating power with hard-hitting kinetic energy, decreased friction, and enhanced downrange energy. Plus, it boasts exceptional tolerances with superior straightness memory. Easton now offers its Full Metal Jacket in three diameters: 4MM, 5MM and the all-new 6MM FMJ. Hands down, the FMJ-series arrows hit harder and kill faster.

Black Eagle Spartan

Black Eagle Arrows’ Spartan combines the best characteristics of small- and large-diameter arrows. Its small outside diameter delivers maximum accuracy and penetration, but utilizes an insert for easier arrow removal while practicing. It also strengthens the arrow’s front end for bone-smashing results. Available spines are 300, 350, 400, and 500. Spartans are available with 2-inch Blazer vanes, and stainless-steel inserts and nock bushings add the finishing touches.


Carbon Tech Arrows

Carbon Tech Arrows now feature new graphics for 2016. Shooters can expect the same quality and performance as before, but the new graphics reignite appeal in Carbon Tech’s tried-and-true arrows. The company has been a leader in spine, weight and straightness consistency more than 15 years, and the ride continues with brand-new graphics.

Cheetah 4570-400 Petersons

Lumenok Lumen-Arrow Crossbow BoltLumen-Arrow Crossbow Bolt

Lumen-Arrow Crossbow Bolts offer grab-and-go convenience – simply twist in a broadhead or practice point and go. This year, Lumen-Arrow Bolts are offered with Bohning X Vanes. Bolts are assembled with genuine flat or crescent Lumenok bolt ends. Lumen-Arrow Crossbow Bolts are available in various sizes and configurations to meet the vast needs of today’s crossbow hunters.

BloodSport Punisher

The Punisher is designed specifically for hunters seeking a tough, lightweight arrow with down-range efficiency. This standard-diameter arrow is made of 100-percent carbon, and features the Bloodsport’s Rugged Wrap Construction process. The Blood Ring is standard on all Punisher arrows, and helps you ID your hit before tracking. A +/- 1-grain weight tolerance and .004-inch straightness suits the Punisher for hunting applications big and small. The Punisher shaft, combined with a 50-grain brass insert, delivers performance you must see to believe.

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