UNO APP: Dial In Your Bow With a Smartphone

By Bow StaffDecember 21, 20153 Comments

There’s been a lot of  buzz stirred over the last year on the new UNO app that was designed to help archers dial in their bow. More than one person has asked, “Is this thing legit?” We’ve posted a few introductory posts on this new product, but here’s a couple videos that’ll share more on how the UNO app works.

If you have no idea what we’re talking about, watch this…

The app was developed by Full Flight Technology. The UNO app promises to make sighting in your bow much easier and should help most anyone shoot more accurately. Unlike many techy gadgets, this app is easy toUnoApp use. You sight your bow in at once distance, punch the bow performance data from that shot into the app along with a couple of measurements off your peep sight. The app will display pin gaps for the rest of your pins from 20-80 yards. You just place the phone against the sight housing and align the pins with the crosshairs for each distance.

According to Bob Donahoe, Founder of Full Flight Technology, the app will surely save people lots of time and frustration. “Let’s face it; sometimes sighting in a bow takes a long time. The longer it takes, the better chance there is that a mistake will be made in sighting in, which can result in a loss of downrange accuracy. With the UNO, sighting in a bow will take a fraction of the time it normally does and give archers an accurate set of pin gaps that they can rely on,” Donahoe said.

How does it work?

Check out this video for a walk-through on the operation of the UNO Archery App…

Be watching for more on the UNO app in the days ahead as we play around with this new concept for ourselves.

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