Semi-Live Antelope Hunt Updates From The BHOD Team

By Bow StaffAugust 18, 2015

Antelope season kicked off this past weekend across many of the western states, and a few of our Bowhunt or Die team members are hard at work punching tags on one of the coolest critters in the west. We’re bringing you semi-live antelope hunt updates from the BHOD team as they check in from the field.

Tim Ainsworth and Troy Spolum are in Wyoming this week hunting with our own, Dustin Decroo. Here’s an update from Tim…

Day One

I shot my first antelope ever on the very first day! We were in a blind over a natural waterhole. The temps that day were forecast to reach 100 degrees. Within an hour of us getting into the blind, two goats popped up over the ridge about 400 yards away. They came on a string, wrapping around the water hole to ten yards, right in front of the blind. I dropped the string and the NAP Killzone entered the front shoulder and exited just behind the ribs. The goat went about 70 yards and died.

Tim Ainsworth with a great buck on the first day in Wyoming.

Tim Ainsworth with a great buck on the first day in Wyoming.

Day Two

We struggled to find anything on the second day, so we moved to a different property. Dustin picked us up and we were headed off the property when Troy noticed a buck bedded down just 30 yards off the trail we were driving down. We pulled up the hill out of sight of the goat and decided to make a stalk on him. Upon getting close enough to see the goat, Dustin realized something was wrong with the buck. Dustin then walked to within five yards of him before it attempted to stand and run away. It got up, went stiff, and fell over. After watching it struggle a bit Troy decided to end its suffering, and used his tag to take the animal. Troy walked to within ten yards of the struggling buck and shot it. The buck expired quickly. It was a really sad sight to see. We think the buck was probably hit by a car. He was bleeding from his rear end and appeared to have a broken back leg.

Tough decisions. Hats off to Tony Spolum on putting down a wounded antelope buck.

Tough decisions. Hats off to Troy Spolum on putting down a wounded antelope buck.

Day Three

There were plenty of goats around our Redneck Hay Bale Blind for most of the day, but none came close enough to attempt a shot. Tomorrow is our last day. We will see what we can get done although the high for the day is 65 and the low is 45.

Wish us luck!  Tim

Bowhunt or Die!

Bowhunt or Die!

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