New Trail Cameras & Electronics: ATA 2015 Live Update

By Bow StaffJanuary 7, 2015

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Last Updated 1/12/2015 12:17am

Stealth Cam GXW

The New STEALTH CAM GXW sets the standard for wireless image transmission. You can configure the camera to send images instantly or create a scheduled delivery process that you control. With the Free Stealth Cam Remote APP you can view and manage images as well as control every aspect of your camera and camera settings. This APP is available for IPHONE® and Android®. Some of the important features are .4 second trigger speed, 45 “Black” IR Emiiters/100ft range, up to 64 GB SD slot, 2 inch viewing screen, 1080P HD video and 12 MP images.

Stealth Cam   GXW

Covert Verizon Wireless Powered Trail Camera

New for 2015 Covert has released their Verizon powered wireless Trail camera. the ease of set-up will be a major draw for this camera. You only need to log in to the Covert website, enter a little personal information and then pick your plan. Once that is done you are off and running with a solid quality camera that can deliver outstanding pictures to you no matter where you may be. This camera features 8MP photos, HD Video, Color Viewer, less than one second trigger speed, up to 32 GB SD capacity and a solid 1 year Warranty.

Covert Verizon Wireless Powered Trail Camera

Kodiak Series

Tired of having to pay a monthly fee to use your wireless Trail cameras. Kodiak Says that the future of wireless cameras do not charge a monthly fee. The Kodiak Series exclusive patent-pending wireless system, along with their free Kodiak viewer app for smart phones will change the way you use trail cameras. Instead of using existing cell service like most cameras , the Kodiak Series generates its own Wi-Fi network from inside the camera itself. This allows users to retrieve their pictures to their phone within a 100 – 200 ft radius of the camera. This allows you to not disturb any of your hunting sites but stay on top of what is going on. This is achieved while also maintaining the lowest power consumption of any wireless trail camera.

Kodiak Series

Bushnell Agressor Trophy Cam HD

The woods can sometimes be a viscous and cruel place, Bushnell has released its Agressor Trophy Cam HD to help us fight back. The all new extra aggressive exterior design, with a removable “ARD” Anti-Reflection LED cover, improved latch and strengthened cable lock, just covers the changes to the exterior. Inside, the 14MP camera with the industry’s fastest 0.2 trigger speed would normally be enough upgrades, but not for Bushnell. They have extended their night time photo range and a one year battery life . This camera is available in two Low-Glow IR models and two Black out models that have Black LEDs. Definitely a camera worth taking a second look at.

Bushnell Agressor Trophy Cam HD

Moultrie M-990i

The M-990i has been redesigned inside and out. Invisible IR nigh time illumination with a 50 foot detection range, and an 80 ft Flash range will make sure all of you night photos are clear. The 2 inch color view screen with its password protection will allow you to view your photos in the field and make sure your camera is positioned correctly. The 17,000 images on 8 AA batteries will make sure you do not miss any deer this fall. Comes standard in Mossy Oak Treestand.

Moultrie M-  990i

Garmin Virb POV Camera

Best known for their GPS units, Garmin has entered the POV action cam arena with their new Virb. This compact camera captures full 1080 HD video and includes built-in wi-fi which allows you to control the camera from an app on your smart phone. In addition to simply capturing HD footage the Virb includes bult-in GPS which can record location, speed and even heart rate onto your videos.

Garmin   Virb POV Camera

Stealth Cam RX Series Trail Cameras

Stealth Cam G42C

With all of the success and innovations that have been part of the Stealth Cam reputation since they started in 2000. 2015 will be a year in which that reputation will be bolstered by the release of the G42C White LED Flash scouting camera. This 8MP camera will deliver great color day, color night images and outstanding night video thanks to the 42 white LED’s with an 80-foot range. The G42C embodies the essence of the Stealth Cam idea: it combines pedigree camera technology with excellent everyday utility, and maximum performance with minimum consumption. Efficiencies in LED technology have made night time image capture in full color a reality with no more energy draw then from a traditional infrared camera. MSRP $189.99

Stealth Cam   G42C

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