Mathews Chill SDX Review

By Teri LancasterSeptember 30, 20142 Comments

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Mathews Chill SDXWhen the box showed up with a return address of Mathews Inc. I squealed like a kid on Christmas morning.   Even though this particular box didn’t have a big bow on it, the bow on the inside is what brought out the kid in me.

As I pulled out my new Mathews’ SDX Chill I was in awe. The new Chill SDX is Mathews’ first dual cam bow designed specifically for woman who have a shorter draw length (22.5” – 28.5”). I have a 23” draw with 50# pull, so I was very excited that Mathews designed a new bow geared towards ‘me’. The Chill SDX, without accessories, weighs in at 3.84lbs with a 6” brace height and 30.5” axle to axle length.

The Chill SDX is designed to work with the new Mathews Rock Mods draw modules. These Rock Mods provide a rock solid back wall for shot-to-shot consistency and are available in either 75% or 85% let off. The mods are assigned letters and are based on your draw length.  For my 23” draw, the M mods were installed.    

I have previously shot both Mathews Passion and Jewel and shooting the new new Chill SDX I can feel the difference in this dual cam bow. With my short 23” draw, kisser button and string loop, I’m still reaching an IBO speed of 225 with 85% let off Rock Mods. I shoot Carbon Express Mayhem Hot Pursuit 150 arrows. 

The Chill SDX is available in black or Lost Camo pattern and if adding a pop of color is your thing, you can enhance yours with the new PNK Graphics package. I prefer the Lost Camo pattern and plain, with no customized color enhancements.

I am using the new ArrowWeb CT compact quiver with my SDX Chill. This new quiver also offers colored hood-inserts to match your customized color enhancements. And since I have cut my fingers a time or two on a razor sharp blade, one of the best features I like on this compact quiver is the new BladeShield, which helps to keep blade edges and fingers protected from today’s large expandable Broadheads.

For the female short draw archer thinking of purchasing a new bow I would highly recommend finding an authorized Mathews Dealer and shoot the Chill SDX.  This is one excited and happy short-draw girl!

Wyoming antelopeI recently harvested this great Wyoming antelope with a little help from my new Chill SDX.  Did I mention I LOVE this bow??

Teri Lancaster
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