Gear Review: HHA Optimizer Lite Cadet

For those of you in the market for a quality “youth” bow sight, look no further than the HHA Optimizer Lite Cadet. This light weight youth sight comes in at 4.6 ounces and is made of 100% machined aluminum. HHA describes the .019”, single pin sight as indestructible and in my opinion it is pretty close to such.

The Cadet Sight

The HHA Cadet is a quality sight that is perfect for youth bowhunters or anyone else looking for affordable quality and functionality.

I have always been impressed by the craftsmanship and quality of HHA sights but, being as A.D.D. as I am, I have never been able to use their sights without forgetting to move the pin when needed at times. A problem owned by me and not the fault of these great sights. However, this sight is great for teaching young archers how to focus on just one pin; thus eliminating the confusion often associated with multiple-pin sights.

The sight comes with tape on the side which allows you to set your own yardage marks and label them. In addition, the level located inside the housing teaches your child how to keep the bow level during the shot.

The Cadet Sight

Yardage adjustments are easy and there is no “sloppiness” in the sight like that found on cheaper, low quality adjustable sights.

I put this sight on my 9 year old nephews Bear Apprentice II. It was easy to install as most sights are. Explanation of how to use the sight went well with him and soon we were out in the back yard and sighting his bow in at 10 yds.

Up and down adjustments on the sight are as easy as loosening the tension bolt and moving the sight. The same could be said of the or right. Again smooth movement, with little to no slop, is the norm with this sight and speaks volumes regarding its quality.

In addition to regular bowhunting applications, this sight could also be used for bow fishing. While I haven’t not had an opportunity to use the Cadet for this particular sport, with its light weight, ease of use and filed-of-view I can see where there would be no problems mounting and using it for bow fishing.

The Cadet Sight

The Cadet is simple and effective making it a great sight for just about any bowhunter; especially youth-aged archers.

While researching this sight I Googled “Youth Sights” and came up with regular sights normally put on adult bows. This isn’t always an issue but this sight is targeted specifically for children and is just as well built as any “adult” sight you will find on the market.

Quality construction is typically what I expect from HHA and this sight doesn’t disappoint. And, with a price tag of under $60.00, how can you go wrong? In all honesty, if you are a 1 pin shooter there is no reason why you couldn’t use this sight; even if you’re not in the “youth” category. Those of us on a tight budget can also benefit from this sight as well.


  1. Too bad they do not make ANY sights for left hand shooters , so I will go to either Spott Hogg or Trophy Ridge .

  2. What is the maximum yardage capability for the HAA optimizer cadet sight? Cannot squeeze anymore yardage than 28 yards. And the sight is in the lowest position. The tape is measured 0-30, and in my opinion is it’s upside down. 0 is at the top and 30 at the bottom. The lowest position for shooting which is #7; Cannot get to zero. So again; What is the yardage capability? The sight is very accurate, and I want to set it up for shooting without adjusting slide for 0 to 35 yards. Just a note; I do not use peeps. K.I.S.S.

    • Brad Kaufmann Brad Kaufmann says:

      This sight can be set up for what you’re looking for. What you’ll want to do is sight in the very top line for the minimum distance you’d likely be shooting, so either 10, 15, or 20 instead of 0. So if you sight the top line in for 15 yards, you can shoot anywhere from 15 to about 35 or 40 yards.

  3. Been there done that. I have to hold way over the target to hit where I want on 30 yards. I can hit dead on at 28 yards. I’m just amazed that the 5 pin sight that was on the bow, the pins were so close together out to 60 yards, this sight has much more horizontal adjustment and I can’t shoot past 28 yards without a lot of holdover at 2 yards more. I’m shooting a Mathews Switchback set for 60 pounds with a draw length of 28 inches. Go figure! I love the single pin sight, less congestion, and more simple. Thanks for your help. I just don’t think there is enough adjustment in the sight past 28 yards with my bow setup. Sincerely, Nels.


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