Vane Master Pro Fletching Jig

When I was at the 2013 ATA Show I visited Last Chance Archery’s booth to look at presses and while I was looking at one I was asked if I wanted to see a demonstration of their then “new” fletching jig; still in the prototype stage at that time. I watched as Johnathan Clark demonstrated both plastic and feather vane fletching with this jig. My interest was spurred and I am even more impressed now that I have gotten my hands on one.

A Master Box

In the box users will find a Nock Receiver, Arrow Tensioner, Vane Block and a Base.

A Vane on vane block

Place your vane between the two wires on the vane block then slide the vane block on and slide it up against your arrow shaft. Make your adjustments but be sure you have full contact with the arrow.

The Vane Master Pro comes in a protective plastic case with a foam liner. The machined jig allows for precision fletching of your arrow shafts and can fletch both 3 and 4 vane shafts. The jig also allows for 0 to 5 degree helical left or right and this is done by placing a pin in the desired degree of helical. The receiver that holds the nock end of the arrow is adjustable allowing you to set your vane near the nock or as far as 1 or more inches down from the nock.

Applying glue to Vane

Then you simply slide the vane block back off and apply your glue. No other adjustment is needed from here on out while fletching any of the same vanes.

Also, by removing the knob on the end of the receiver you can quickly and accurately set your jig to three or four vane then replace the knob….and off you go. Same holds true for setting up for the cock vane to be in alignment with your nock or offset 2 degrees right or left of the nock. The adjustable tensioner goes on the end of your arrow and holds it firmly against the nock receiver while fletching your arrow shafts. The shaft holder works by turning clockwise. Sliding your arrow in and the tension against the shaft, which is pushing clockwise from the left and clockwise from the right, keep your arrow shaft from shifting during fletching.

Allowing Arrow shaft to Set

Allowing Arrow shaft to Set

Next, slide it back on and up to the arrow shaft, allow proper set time and slide back off. The coating on the wires will not stick to your vane.

The vane holder wires are coated and I have yet to have nay glue stick to them; making for an easy cleanup. There are markings on the vane holder allowing you to line up each vane precisely with each other. After placing your vane in the vane block, place it on the base and slide your vane up to your shaft and adjust the discs to center of shaft. Now take your vane block off, put your vane on and then begin fletching your arrow shafts. Once set up it is quick and easy and you’re only held back by the time your glue needs to set. An instructional video is available on Last Chance Archery’s site.

Sliding of the Vane Block

When done, simply slide the vane block off, index your nock receiver and do the next vane.

Vane Master Pro Doing a Feather

The Vane Master Pro will also do feathers

In closing, I have found the Vane Master Pro to be a wonderful fletching jig. It is smooth, efficient and easy to clean up. The “only” drawback I see at this time is the price. At an MSRP of $229.00, the Vane Master Pro isn’t cheap but that’s’ because it is a machined jig and not manufactured from a mold like many other jigs on the market. This piece of equipment is more of an investment.

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