RexPID Broadheads

By Steve FloresJanuary 8, 2014

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

This new company has taken mechanical broadhead design and the worries of one blade opening before the other and solved it with an ingenious gear system located in the ferrule of the broadhead. Because the blades are all “linked” together, it is impossible for one blade to open without the others to follow suit. The heads come in 2 (100 grain) and 3 (125 grain) blade designs; aptly called the RexPID II and the RexPID III. The 100 grain head carries a 1 ½ inch cut and the 125 grain carries a 1 9/16 inch cut.


The company also has 2 fixed blade heads; the NURI and the BIG III. The NURI uses a set of rotary wing blades to create a devastating wound channel by helping the broadhead push through and over ribs and other small bones. The specs on the NURI are 100 grains and 1 ¼ inch cut.


The BIG III is a fixed blade broadhead that uses a spring loaded tip to increase penetration. When the broadhead tip impacts hide, the arrow then moves forward (slightly) until it impacts the back of the broadhead ferrule, thus increasing the impact force and driving the broadhead deeper. With the advantage of offset blades, the BIGII also creates wounds that are almost impossible to close up. The head comes in 100 grains with a 1 1/8 inch cut.

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Steve Flores
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