Michigan Trespassers Caught on Trail Camera

By Justin ZarrDecember 26, 201352 Comments

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Few things upset hunters and landowners more than trespassers. While many people invest their hard earned money and precious time into habitat improvement, scouting, and hunting smart it only takes a few minutes for a trespasser to come on your land and potentially ruin a good thing.

Recently our good friend Scott Hoffman of HuntMore was dealing with just such a situation. For years Scott and his family have found evidence of trespassers on their Michigan property but were never able to catch the perpetrators in the act. Mysterious footprints in the snow, tire tracks on the access road and missing “No Trespassing” signs year in and year out were enough to drive Scott and his family to seek out ways to monitor their property while they weren’t there.

Starting this past year they purchased several Covert trail cameras that are equipped with cell phone technology and can text an image directly from the camera to your phone. While this is a very handy tool for monitoring your deer and other wildlife, it really came in handy in catching trespassers on Christmas Day!

Assuming that most people would be home with their families celebrating the holiday, two trespassers showed up on their property and proceeded to park, grab their guns and head out into the field. Getting the text message right away Scott was able to notify local authorities before heading out to meet the offenders who were charged with recreational trespassing.

Bowhunting.com wants to send a big “Congratulations” to Scott for his clever tactics and hopefully this will be a lesson learned for future trespassers who just may think twice before crossing their next fence.

Trail camera trespassers

Dressed in snow camo and ready for action they only forgot one thing – permission from the landowner!

Trail camera trespassers

“Let’s go under this wire, I’m sure nobody will mind”

Trail camera catches trespassers

The trespassers are greeted by Michigan State Troopers upon returning to their vehicle.  Too bad, so sad!

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