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By Josh SturgillOctober 31, 2013

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Stic-N-Pic LogoWhen I began talking with Jesse Hurley of Masterpiece Outdoors, who happens to be the inventor of Stic-N-Pic, I admit I was a little skeptical. I was sold on this idea from the standpoint of camera mounting flexibility. I know from experience that where I want to mount my cameras and where I end up mounting my cameras are two very different places. This product would definitely allow me to mount my cameras in areas without large trees, in thickets, fields and from any height or angle I needed to in a tree.

This flexibility would greatly increase the knowledge I would gain about my hunting areas, and give me a better chance at the large bucks I would be chasing. All of those positives on one side, versus the dirty scoundrels that I knew would be roaming the woods just looking to be able to steal my camera on the other side. The thought of leaving a camera in the woods unprotected was just something I could not wrap my mind around. Over the years I have lost numerous cameras and lock boxes, some thieves will leave the boxes and take the cameras, but the most brazen thief’s will not only take the camera but also take your camera boxes and just leave you the busted lock on the ground as their dastardly calling card.

So, I finally asked Jesse about my fears of camera theft. To which he replied, “They cannot steal what they do not find”. It made perfect sense. I have spent so much time trying to procure a theft proof box, only to realize that there is no such thing. What I should have been doing was finding better ways to make my cameras invisible so that no one could ever find them. Thanks to the time spent with Jesse, I have began to get pictures of the unsuspecting poachers and trespassers that will walk past my camera without ever noticing it, as well as all the hunting information I needed without the fear of stolen cameras. I hope this conversation will be as helpful to you as it was been to me.

Can you see me now?

Q: Tell me how you guys got started with the Stic-N-Pic.

A: It came out of necessity. I am a huge trail camera guy, and there were issues with setup times. It always seemed difficult to find a tree exactly where you needed it, or what to do if there was no tree. I had a neighbor that owned a welding shop so we put together a prototype. After years of modification and personal field testing I had it tweaked just right. We completed the patent application and just went for it.

Q: What are the major challenges that you have had to overcome by starting and running this business?

A: Going into it, we weren’t really aware of what it took to take a product to market. We had some great help from our rep group and they really moved us along in the process.

Jesse and his team hand build all of their products, including the displays you find at your local dealer.

Q: What is the one thing that readers and visitors to the website don’t know about your product but should?

A: Trail camera placement is everything. People have a false sense of security when they lock their cameras up. People need to be aware that the best security for your camera is to hide it versus advertising it. Straps, cables, lock boxes, chains, etc. do nothing but advertise your cameras presence. If theft is a concern, you are much better hiding your camera than you are locking it up.

Q: Tell me about the Stic-N-Pic and how it works.

A: The Stic-N-Pic is a trail camera mounting system that will meet the needs of any hunting scenario. The ground mount is a very sturdy tripod mount. This will allow you to use your camera in areas that do not have any traditional places to mount a camera, such as fields, thickets etc. We also have the screw in tree mount and strap on tree mounts for the more traditional areas. We have a bracket called an “add a cam bracket”. It attaches to the camera and actually detaches from the tree mount. It can also attach to the ground mount. Up to two cameras on the tree mounts and up to six on the ground mount. You aren’t limited to the 1/4″ tripod socket. All of our mounts come with various size fasteners. If your camera has a tripod socket, the fasteners are going to be included. If the camera does not have a tripod mount, we also manufacture a universal bracket and that puts a tripod socket on a camera that does not have one. Basically if you have a camera we have the mounting system for it. .

Monitoring open fields and food plots with trail cameras, once a nearly impossible task, is made simple with the Stic-N-Pic ground mount.

Q: Once developed, how were these items tested to ensure durability?

A: I field tested the products while I was developing them. By the time the product was brought to market, I had been tweaking it and testing it for 8 years. The basics have stayed the same over time, but the key was to make it work with every camera on the market.

Q: In your personal experience, what difference have you seen with using the Stic-N-Pic?

A: I hunt on farms with three of my buddies. During hunting season, people are scarce, but after season, people will start to nose around looking for equipment they may want to steal. With the Stic-N-Pic it is very easy to hide your cameras so that nobody sees them. I will hide them from my buddies and have them try and look for them. Very rarely will they ever notice the cameras. The Camo Stick is hard to detect in the woods. You will walk right by it and never know it is there.

The Stic-N-Pic tree mount allows you to get your camera up and out of the line of sight of both game animals as well as potential thieves.

Q: How have your products made the consumer that buys them better hunters?

A: It allows the hunter to put their cameras where they want them. They are getting the pictures of the deer they haven’t gotten before. To see it on the computer and to be able to identify it under your tree stand are two different things. The ability to get more and better pictures can help the hunter identify the deer they may want to let go another year.

Q: What can buyers expect from your customer service?

A: We excel in customer service. If you e-mail us you will get a response right away. We strive to provide great customer service. To be honest with you, it’s an easy job. People see our products and they get it. We want happy customers.

Q: If you had one piece of advice to give to the readers to make them better bow hunters what would it be?

A: As soon as the apples hit the ground, get your trail cameras on the apple trees. Also If I’m being completely honest, entry and exit routes are probably the most detrimental thing hunters do. It’s vital that you get in and out of the woods without spooking deer.

An order of Stic-N-Pic products ready to ship from their Wisconsin headquarters.

Q: What is the best way to find out more about your product?

A; It would have to be Facebook and our website

Josh Sturgill
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