The Tyler Rector Buck

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LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Date: November 3, 2012, Time of day: Evening, Location: Fulton County Illinois, Weather: Partly sunny 40 degrees.

It was an awesome hunt, as you can see from the video on Bowhunt or Die, Episode 20; “Cruisin’ Bruisers”……https://www.bowhunting.com/videos/season-3–2012/episode-20-cruisin-bruisers_2398. We saw this nice buck early in the afternoon strolling through the field, but he did not want to cooperate. Later on in the evening, as the does started to filter in, he made a second appearance. He came rambling through the field, headed in our direction, hot on the trail of a doe. With dogged determination, he followed that doe to the edge of the field. It was as if he was in a field trial and she was the prized pheasant that needed to be flushed directly under our stand. As the doe crashed through the timber just below us, my camera man was in my ear telling me I would be crazy to let this buck pass. I quickly found myself at full draw. As I watched the lighted nock bury itself into the sweet spot, that buck raced across the field leaving a wake of blood spraying from both sides of its chest.


 As so often is the case, this bruiser buck came within bow range while chasing a doe during the rut.

I didn’t think it could possibly get any better, but I was wrong. We quickly spotted an amazing 200+incher chasing after the buck that I had just shot. This monster buck made his way to within 60 yards of me before turning and heading in the other direction. All and all it was a great hunt. We saw a lot of bucks and my good friend from Kentucky was with me. This was his first time videotaping and we made some awesome memories.



Trail Camera images and a good scent control system both played a role in putting a tag on this buck.

Q: What were the major factors that helped you harvest this buck?
A:  The major factors were quiet stands and scent control. We had deer straight down wind of us at ten
yards and they never knew we were there. Tink’s B-Tech products are amazing.

Q: Anyone you would like to thank for help in the harvest of the buck?
A: I would like to thank Josh Ater for a great job recording the hunt and sticking with me while we
chased whitetails.


Tink’s, known for their highly effective and legendary “Tink’s #69” buck lure, also produces an odor eliminating spray that is just as powerful.

Equipment Summary:
Bow:  Mathews Helim
Broadheads: NAP killzones
Arrows: Carbon Express Maxima Hunters
Camouflage: Lost Camo
Tree stand: Lonewolf Alpha
Scents:  Tink’s B-Tech

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