Arrow Rests 2013

Selecting the proper arrow rest is paramount to your overall accuracy and will ultimately determine how pleased you will be with your arrow groups. Manufactures today are concerned with how well they perform on both the tournament trail and in the woods bowhunting. It is no surprise that arrow rests are getting more durable, becoming easier to tune, and are made with higher levels of precision. The following are a few of the new 2013 arrow rests that I am sure will be making their way onto many bows this hunting season.

AAE – HawkEye

For 2013, AAE introduced the HawkEye arrow rest. The HawkEye is a great rest with an appealing price tag. This limb-driven fall-away rest utilizes full containment and can be set up for the top or bottom limb. The launcher arm system can be adjusted along an axle for left/right adjustments, offering quick and easy tuning. For the money, this rest stacks right up there with the more expensive models. The rest is available in black or pink camo and right and left hand models are available.


Axion – Pulse Automatic Arrow Rest

New this year is the Axion Pulse Automatic Arrow Rest. This is the first fully automatic rest to reset itself after the shot. This means there is no thumb button needed to make the rest pop back up into full capture mode. With this new technology, your rest is always ready no matter if you draw back and let down or even shoot and need a backup shot. The arrow is stabilized on the rest longer after you shoot due to it attaching to the lower half of the cable. This enables the arrow to be guided into the intended direction longer, enabling more accurate arrow flight. The Pulse accomplishes this by the launcher arm being pulled away up to five times faster than other rest manufacturers with the patented Rotary Damper Technology. The launcher arm is delayed slightly after reaching the bottom position after the shot, ensuring that your arrow clears the rest before automatically returning to full upright. The Pulse has been tested on bows over 400 fps so it is perfectly capable of clearance for all bow setups. Available in right or left hand in black, Lost Camo, Tactical, Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity, Realtree Xtra and Pink color choices.


Firenock – AeroRest

For 2013, Firenock took the 2012 design of their AeroRest and revamped their already very technical and precise design. AeroRest is available in nine different models. The AeroRest in its C frame configuration utilizes three evenly spaced ceramic ball bearings to guide the arrow. The ceramic ball bearings roll forward on the shot due to each of the three fingers containing two ceramic ball bearings of different size and a tension spring. Each finger can be micro adjusted for tension. Friction is reduced to almost zero due to the high specification ceramic balls. Archers who prefer a two prong rest can also setup the AeroRest in a U bracket design. The rest can be used for either right or left hand shooters due to the design being a mirror image, and it comes in either natural olive green or camouflage finish.

Hamskea – Full Capture Versa Rest

Hamskea is well known for their superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. Their Full Capture VersaRest proves that you can have a great tournament rest and utilize it for bowhunting to create an extremely accurate setup. This year they updated their popular rest to include full containment, perfect for the discerning bowhunter. The containment arm has a side gate that enables easy arrow loading. One of the great features with this rest is that it can be set up for the upper or lower limb, cable, cable slide, or fixed blade. The rest is offered with one of three limb clamp options (standard, 5/8”, or 3/4”) to accommodate all solid and split-limb configurations. This rest is designed to last and is truly “built like a Panzer tank, yet performs like a fine Swiss watch.” It is available in right or left hand models.

Ripcord – S.O.S.

Ripcord once again has raised the bar on their rest lineup. New this year is the Ripcord S.O.S., which stands for Sustained Optimized Support. The rest attaches to the upward traveling cable or to the lower limb. This rest acts as a delayed fall away, which means it falls away much later in the shot to give the arrow more support before it drops out of the way. This will stabilize the arrow better as it leaves your bow, which you will notice for downrange accuracy. The rest can be cocked to the up position while the bow is at rest for full containment. I personally liked that the rest works well with long draw lengths, so even longer armed archers can benefit from the delayed fall away. Setup is a breeze and the rest is effortless to tune. The launcher arm is available in three colors: red, grey, and pink. It is available in right or left hand models and black or Lost Camo.

Trophy Taker – Smackdown Pro

Trophy Taker has long been known for durability, precision, and quality craftsmanship. The new Smackdown Pro is continuing that tradition. Durability is achieved through 100% all metal construction. So when the moment of truth arrives, you can count on your rest to function, no matter the weather conditions. Setup options are endless, with the Smackdown Pro being able to be configured to the upward moving cable, lower limb, and upper limb. Improved this year is the full capture containment ring. It now utilizes a flexible rubber flap for loading the arrow and prevents an arrow from coming out of the rest. This rest is available in Realtree Ap, Lost Camo, red and black with right and left hand models. Like all Trophy Taker products, it is backed by unconditional lifetime warranty.

TruGlo – Down Draft Arrow Rest

New this year from TruGlo is their Down Draft Arrow Rest. This rest comes with all metal construction with full containment. Another great feature is the laser engraved windage and elevation marks. Sealed bushings increase the downward speed of the launcher arm for better vane clearance and eliminate bounce back. This rest attaches to your downward moving buss cable. An additional feature is the ability to adjust for right or left handed archers. This arrow rest is very smooth and easy to set up, along with a great price that is sure to keep your wallet happy and your freezer full. It comes in black only.

Vaportrail – Limbdriver Micro Elite

For 2013, Vaportrail has come out with a rest that is an updated version of their very popular Limbdriver rest. The result is the Limbdriver Micro Elite. For the target archer or bowhunter who loves fine micro adjustments, yet still has a solid design, this would be the rest for you. The Limbdriver Micro Elite uses a dual bearing design that tightens up the rest to eliminate slop and buzz found on other rest manufacturers. It can be set up for the top or bottom limb, enabling the perfect combination of arrow stability and vane clearance. A feature that sets this rest apart from other manufacturers is the micro adjustability for both windage and elevation. Plus you have three different starting positions for windage and elevation for even more left/right or up/down adjustments to accommodate any setup on the market. This solid design is perfect for the target archer or the bowhunter looking to get the most out of their setup. It is available in black or custom colors with right and left hand models.

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