Hot Shot Eclipse Four Finger Release Aid

By Brady MillerAugust 20, 2013

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

When it comes down to the perfect shot, your release aid must be comfortable, dependable in adverse hunting conditions, and allow you to execute an accurate shot time and time again. From winter spot target practice, to 3D tournaments, to hunting, I prefer a thumb activated back tension release. To me, bowhunting is all about releasing an accurate shot and that foundation starts with your release.

The Eclipse Four Finger release by Hot Shot Manufacturing is the perfect release for all year shooting in my opinion. I have been using this release since January and have grown quite fond of it. It utilizes a sleek curved back four finger design, which broadens out the draw weight between each finger while drawing the bow back. This four finger design enables a smooth draw even when you have the bow limbs maxed out to the highest poundage. The hook easily wraps around a d-loop and provides a nice smooth edge to avoid fraying your loop over time.  If you are new to this style of release, the proper anchor location is going to be on the side of your face along your lower jaw bone. This placement will ensure a consistent anchor.


The Eclipse has a ton of features that allows shooters to customize how the release feels and performs. One feature is that you never have to worry about hooking up to your D-loop in a hurry.

The release is executed by an increase in pressure on the thumb barrel while pulling through the shot. Simply draw the bow back, anchor, and pull through the shot. To effectively utilize this release with back tension, a small amount of change in your hand position occurs as you apply added pressure to the thumb barrel with the thumb muscle in your palm. This is all due to the thumb barrel resting on this muscle at full draw. If you do not like the idea of utilizing this release with back tension, you can always consciously make the release go off by squeezing your hand to put pressure on the thumb barrel to make the release fire.

I prefer a release that is smooth with a crisp trigger and no trigger travel or creep. The Eclipse takes this into account with their plethora of well thought out adjustments. This release is shipped with the option of a light or heavy tension spring enabling one to adjust the amount of back tension or trigger tension required to make the release go off.
Along with trigger tension, there are four total adjustments for the thumb barrel to customize the release for your hand. They are trigger travel, thumb barrel forward/backward position, thumb barrel twist, and adjusting the thumb barrel up/down. All of these are easily adjusted with a set of Allen wrenches that are included with the purchase of an Eclipse. These adjustments ensure the release can be adjusted to fit any shooting style and creates a perfect fit for all sizes of archers.

The release is manufactured from high grade aluminum with an anodized black finish. For added ease of dealing with adverse weather conditions or sweat, I still prefer to wrap my release with grip tape to provide a solid hold. This ensures the release will not slip out of my hand if I am bowhunting antelope in 100 degree Fahrenheit weather and my hands are sweaty, or bowhunting in rain or snow.


Choosing the right release-aid is just as important as picking the right bow. Test shoot the Eclipse for yourself and see if it makes you a better shooter.

A parachute cord type wrist lanyard can easily be attached to the back of the Eclipse for some peace of mind while in the woods if you like to be attached to your release. For those times when you are in a tree stand or elk hunting and you are calling at the elk at a close distance, the release can be clipped onto a d loop in a ready to fire position. This eliminates unwanted movement and also takes some confusion out of the situation if you have an animal come in fast so you won’t be fumbling around trying to clip your release to your d loop.

Take a hard look at the Eclipse release and try it out at a pro shop to really see for yourself why this product can help you execute that shot of a lifetime on the trophy of your dreams. Once you try a back tension release, you will take your shooting to the next level!

Brady Miller
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