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By Alli ArmstrongMay 17, 20132 Comments

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

My absolute dream is to have a career in the hunting industry. I have started working toward my goal by writing blogs, articles, and stories. My family and I also have a family hunting DVD and website called Armstrong’s Outdoors.  Recently, I have been fortunate enough to be involved in the upcoming show called Legacy Trails; scheduled to air in the third and fourth quarter of 2013 on the Sportsman’s Channel.


Alli videoing a segment on crossbow safety.

Legacy Trails will be a faith and family oriented show. It will feature many great hunts while demonstrating family values and fun in the outdoors. The show will feature the Potts, Horton, West, and the Armstrong families and their hunting adventures. The show’s hosts will be the legendary Stan Potts and Terry Horton.  I will even be hosting my own segment on the show called Know Your Game. This segment will cover many topics like helpful hunting information, tips, products reviews, news, and recipes.


Alli is talking about the importance of aligning your rest with your bow.

While watching a show you may not realize all the work and time involved in producing a high quality product. For instance, when I do a segment there are actually three different camera angles. There’s going to be a tight frame-shot on me which gives you a close up view. The second camera angle is set for a medium frame that is a waist up shot. For the third camera, a wide view is given to show the viewers my surroundings. Also, we shoot b-roll footage of whatever I’m talking about at that time so the audience can get a visual of what I’m explaining.  A good show doesn’t just happen; it takes hours and hours of videoing to get the perfect couple minutes of footage both in the field and in the studio.


Alli and her dad explaining how your peep sight and your touch point needs to be placed according to the shooter’s style.

We just got finished doing three segments at Dunn’s Sporting Goods in Marion, Illinois. One segment was about my family and me going in to shoot the new Mission MXB-360 crossbow. My little sister learns how to properly shoot and use a crossbow and I learn all about the design of the MXB-360. The second one is about my Mom and Dad getting their new Mission bows set up. Dad got a new Voyager XT and Mom a new Venture. They had to get rests, sights, and peep sights properly set up on their bows. The staff in the archery department at Dunn’s properly aligned the bows to specifically fit them. Then Mom and Dad went out to the range and paper tuned their bows.  After that, they were good to go and start the sighting-in process. In the third segment at Dunn’s Sporting Goods, I went around the store picking out different products that are geared towards women and their hunting needs.


Alli is explaining how this particular scope has multiple crosshairs much like the multiple pins on a compound bow sight.

I’m very excited and happy to be involved in such a wonderful show and concept. Not only is Legacy Trails going to be a show that you can sit down with the family and truly enjoy but it also one of the most informational and educational shows out there. Not to mention that we have some really good bloopers so the entertainment factor is really going to be there too!  For more information, go to legacytrailsmedia.com.

Alli Armstrong
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