The Wicked Tough Hand Saw

By Gary ElliottMarch 15, 20131 Comment

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

In my 51 years of living I have learned not to trust all advertising claims.  In fact, there are very few things that really are what they are said to be. However, recently I found a bowhunting product that actually lives up to its advertisements…..The Wicked Tough Hand Saw.  In short, this is one nearly indestructible hand saw. This unique saw was 10 years in the making and is made of a patent pending cast aluminum handle design. This design, which is the foundation for what has become the strongest handle and blade locking mechanism on the market, is one of the features that set’s The Wicked Tough Hand Saw apart from all the others.


While most saw blades have several “weak spots” that cause them to bend very easily, you will be hard pressed to find one on the Wicked Tough Hand Saw.

The Wicked Tough Hand Saw was designed by engineer Todd Pringnitz, a hard core Whitetail hunter, owner of White Knuckle Productions and Whitetails, Inc., after he got tired of cheap cumbersome hand saws that failed him almost every time he hung a treestand. His goal was to design and manufacture a hand saw that would be comfortable to hold and tough enough to withstand most anything that today’s hunter could throw at it. I have owned several other hand saws in the past and for the most part they bent, wobbled and soon broke in just a short amount of time. Since I have begun testing the Wicked Hand Saw I have not had a single failure and after duplicating the “car roll over” (as seen below) as well as beating it against concrete, it still performs like a new saw.


This saw is so tough it can actually be used for a variety of other things if the need arises; i.e. hammer, machete, etc. Can your saw stand up to this test?

The Wicked Tough Hand Saw rubber over molded grip fits your hand like a glove, and positions your arm for the easiest and most efficient cutting you have ever felt. It also comes with a Lifetime Warranty. However, this excludes the blade which purchased separately. So, if you need a great hand saw that does what the owner says it does than and check out what might be the last hand saw you ever own.

Gary Elliott
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