By Bow StaffJanuary 13, 2013

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Flextone Torch Electronic Game Call- Why not take a predator caller to your stand just in case a coyote comes by or howls in the distance?  The Torch caller is light, compact and creates 12 different game calls such as the deer mouse squeak, cottontail rabbit, coyote adult distress, and dominant male howl.  It contains turkey and deer calls which may not be legal in your state, but they make great listening and primers for calling practice.  www.flextonegamecalls.com
Vantage 5MP AC5XC-   Videoing your hunts has never been easier with this kit that includes a flexible tripod mount,  a tree mount, a strap mount, and a hat clip that allows you to video all types of outdoor activities like racing your dirt bike.  It has a 4X digital zoom and takes day or night video and still pictures.   The AC5XC uses a rechargeable Lithium battery which is included.    www.wildgameinnovations.com
Halo Xtanium P1000X Rangefinder- The Halo XRT offers a scan mode so that you can hold down a button and pan the unit to range various objects.  If a deer approaches, keep it centered and the unit will give readings continually.    The Ballistic Series comes in 600, 900 and 1000 models, the later with a glass lens, and a techie titanium metal look for bowhunting or golf.  Angle compensation is included along with 8X magnification and target acquisition out to 1000 yards.   www.wildgameinnovations.com

Hunten Solar Trail Camera Charger  Now you can attach a solar panel to a  trail camera and never worry about the batteries going dead.  Wildlife feeders have operated this way for a long time and now the same solar panel adaptor will charge a six volt battery or models with rechargeable AA batteries.  A mounting bracket will allow you to collect the maximum amount of sunlight and stainless, rubber coated cables help protect the connections from varmints.  This is not designed for use with sprint-top, lantern, or alkaline batteries.  www.huntenoutdoors.com
Brunton Portable Power-  Now you can carry a power pack or generator in your pocket.   Resync fits in your hand and stores enough power to recharge your cell phone six times…just plug it in.  Charge the master unit with your cigarette lighter, wall plug or USB port.  Generate power with an even smaller device, the Ember, which contains an integrated solar panel.  If your cell phone is dying flip it over on the dash of your car or outside your tent, and you can charge your phone two times.  The Bump is so small it fits on a key chain and will harness enough solar energy to extend your cell phone battery an extra 15 minutes.  Remote areas often contain cell repeater stations since cell service is such an effective emergency and rescue channel.    www.bruntonhunting.com
Primos Blood Hunter-The filter on this unique accessory has been reworked to allow a much broader beam of light increasing the chances of finding blood.  It should be noted that this is not TV CSI technologies where chemicals literally make blood glow, but this filtering system causes the blood to contrast brightly against surrounding foliage and gives it an aura of glowing.  The device fits in a belt holster and has an ergonomically feel in your hand.  www.primos.com
Leupold and Redfield are partner companies and each offers new rangefinders for 2013.  Redfield introduces the very compact 600 and the 600 A which has angle compensation.  The “A” model is only about $10 more than the straight line model and well worth the extra money.

Leupold presents the new RX 800 TBR, (true ballistic range) that includes angle compensation and ballistic compensation based on the trajectory of the arrow with accuracy to within one tenth of a yard.  Additionally, the RX 800 TBR has a trophy scale you can set in the rangefinder.  If you want a buck with a rack at least 20 inches wide the rangefinder will tell you if it hits that mark.  This can be really helpful for game management situations and a minimum rack size.  You can measure height as well, a critical element for bear hunters.   www.leupold.com, www.Redfield.com 

Western Rivers Game Stalker This easily transported predator call has a 250-yard range on the remote, a built-in library of 300 sounds,  and comes in a lockable case.  It has a five year warranty and includes a decoy you can operate by remote control.  Predators have incredible eyesight and the decoy can give you the distraction needed to draw and seal the deal.  You can connect the caller to your computer and download over 800 sounds.    Once you make the change, the remote is synchronized so that it matches the main unit.  www.maestrogamecalls.com

The Truth Laser Rangefinder- Primos and Bushnell have teamed up for the ARC laser rangefinder that compensates for angle of measure and gives you the same range the law of gravity follows and no one violates that.  Uphill or down, you get the “true” distance from five to 199 yards with a +/- one-yard accuracy.  The four power magnification screen includes a battery life indicator and this new partnership offers a one-year unconditional guarantee.  www.bushnell.com

EOTech Rangefinding Crossbow Sight  Most crossbows come with scopes, yet this dedicated holographic crossbow sight also provides a range finding capability for whitetail deer.   Put the bottom holographic line of the scale on the deer’s belly and the ranging lines on its back tell you the yardage.  In advance of hunting, a pre-calculated dial allows you to match the hold-over dots to the speed of your bow.  Record that data on a white piece of adhesive tape that comes with the sight so you always have it within easy sight.  www.eotech-inc.com

Nockturnal Lighted Knocks weigh just 20 grains (Including a lithium battery) and engage with a ball-point-pen-like clicker in the throat of the nock.  Upon release, the kinetic energy of the string makes the light glow.  As the cost of  arrows and broadhead continue to increase, it makes sense to invest in a lighted recovery system.   Lighted nocks also help in tuning to better follow the exact flight of the arrow.   The device clicks easily on and off.   www.nockturnal.com

The Epic HD This amazingly small camera is instant on, shoots in 1080 HD and allows you to sync several cameras to a single remote.  This small device has a wide angle lens and the capability to handle up to a 32-GB removable card.  The remote operates cameras easily at 60 feet with reported use at over 100 feet.  Small, compact, and lightweight, it offers a 30-foot flash range plus audio capability.  www.wildgameinnovations.com

Ranger XP  Tired of wimpy headlamps?   This powerhouse works on three AAA batteries generating up to 126 lumens of white, red, or green light.  Hunters often prefer colored light to have less impact on game and this powerful headlamp offers color and brightness.  If you get lost or hurt, the flash setting can get you found.  It has a tilt feature and is designed for hands-free mobility. www.gsmoutdoors.com


Walkers Game Ear, Elite HD   Hearing better in the woods has gone far beyond sound amplification.   This new model is 20% smaller, is highly water tolerant and includes a 20-bit audio processor that delivers almost CD sound.  An eight band graphic equalizer doesn’t just amplify sound but allows you to adjust it to higher and lower frequencies, much the same as an expensive hearing aid.  Additionally, it shuts down at 79 decibels to protect you hearing from loud noises like a chainsaw or gunfire.    www.gsmoutdoors.com

APALS Bright-Strike- These tiny lights, smaller than an M&M, offer a great deal of versatility to hunters.  Attached to a rugged strip of adhesive, they will stick to trees, antlers, even the front of an ATV.  The light will glow in white, green, red or yellow for 35 hours, yet turns off with a press of a finger.  They are waterproof, work in fast strobe, slow strobe, on, and off modes.  The tiny beacon can be seen from ¼ mile away, yet the soft blow of two lights is sufficient to navigate an ATV.  www.brite-strike.com

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