Where Have All The Deer Gone?



Look familiar? Depending on what part of Illinois you live or hunt in, this sign can have significant meaning.

This is a question a lot of hunters in Illinois are asking; particularly those living in the northern part of the state. In an effort to control a CWD outbreak, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources used bait piles and sharp-shooters to reduce deer numbers and control the outbreak of the deadly disease. And, while there are many rumors, half-truths, and facts swirling around this method of disease eradication, we want to know how the program has affected you?What have you experienced since the program began? Positive or Negative, what were the results? Do you think the program has made a difference? Why? Sound off!


  1. Boone and Winnebago counties have been just hammered!! Dnr told us a couple yrs ago the deer herd went from around 29 deer per square mile prior to cwd down to 6 deer per sq. mile, again that was a couple yrs back so not sure about todays numbers. Thats a huge decrease in the herd!! I don't have the answer for cwd but I no longer hunt those counties, tough to sit days on end to maybe see 1 or 2 deer. Alot of fed up hunters, and alot of "No Sharpshooting" signs popping up! Nobody wants the deer herd to be killed off by cwd, but gets old having to drive 2hrs away just to hunt land that will produce the kind of encounters we all hope for!

  2. Todd Browning says:

    Anytime the govt. gets involved as to what "they think is best", disaster always happens.


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