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By Josh SturgillJune 18, 2012

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

Just Imagine, it is the first morning of bow season, and out of the corner of your eye you catch the unmistakable glimmer of massive antlers moving through the morning sun. As they get closer, all of the sweat and back-breaking work that got you to this point suddenly becomes a distant memory. Your heart rate skyrockets as you try to control your breathing. Somehow, you manage to regain your composure and slowly bring the bow to full draw. Suddenly the release breaks free and your arrow cuts a straight path through the warm October air until it finds the perfect spot just behind the shoulders of the unsuspecting buck. Within seconds, you watch as he crashes to the ground within eyesight of your stand. Once all of the excitement subsides, a stark realization sets in—–it is the first week of October and the temperature has risen to 78 degrees! One question now echoes in your head……”how in the world am I going to get this beautiful trophy home before it spoils?” Lucky for you, Steve Glass of Trophy Bag Kooler, Inc. has the answer. 


Early-Season whitetail hunts often take place in blistering heat, making spoilage a real threat. 

His company motto is “DON’T SPOIL YOUR HUNT— KEEP IT COOL WITH A TROPHY BAG COOLER”. After having used his unique product, I can honestly say that it lives up to this slogan. This company was born out of necessity. Steve knew that a great number of hunters were in the woods during the early season when warm temperatures range from the low 40’s to the high 80’s. He was also sure that somewhere among the millions of early-season hunters that occupy the woods each year, or even those hunting game during August and September, there had to be numerous animals that were wasted or lost due to spoilage. In addition, he also remembered his own experience of harvesting big game animals and then having to cut his hunt short due to heat. Most of those hunts ended in him driving like a wild man to get his quarry to the taxidermist or processor before it was too late.

Trophy Bag Kooler Flores

The Trophy Bag Kooler can handle just about any temperature range you might encounter. 

Steve had enjoyed a successful career working in the insurance and estate planning industry for 23 years, but his love of hunting wouldn’t allow this issue to rest. After years of trying to solve the problem, he came up with the idea of a bag that would keep deer and other game at the perfect temperature, while also keeping insects at bay. Once this idea captured his imagination, he decided to invest all of his time, money and energy into making his concept a reality. After creating numerous proto-types and personally field testing each one in as many different scenarios and locations as possible,  the Trophy Bag Kooler was born. “We had finally hit the right combination of materials and design to make a truly outstanding product,” stated Steve.

The Trophy Bag Kooler was designed using the same technology that NASA has utilized in the space program for years. The bag uses a Thermal Radiant Barrier Shield specifically designed to keep either heat or cold locked into the product and keep thermal transduction to a minimum. The effectiveness of this bag, when used in conjunction with either ice or the company’s trademarked KoolerGeltm, helps maintain body temperatures of 36 to 40 degrees; which is ideal for the transportation or storage of any game animal. In addition, the internal material of the bag is designed to prevent mold, mildew or bacteria growth from forming on the inside surface of the bag. This will ensure safe transport of your meat from the field to the table.


The Trophy Bag Koolers’ effectiveness isn’t limited to whitetail hunters either. 

I recently had the opportunity to speak to Steve, and he expressed a great passion for educating the hunting community on the science and the process behind preserving the trophy’s we spend so much time and money pursuing every year. His goal is to assist hunters in preserving and transporting their trophy during non-ideal temperature ranges; thus, giving us all more hunting days in the field. Trophy Bag Kooler, Inc. is also producing the ComboKooler tm and the perfect quarter and cape bags.  The ComboKoolertm is perfect for that day out on the lake or for storing all of those groceries for that long awaited camping trip. The perfect quarter and cape bag is a must have for the western hunter that needs a lightweight way to keep his game quarters and capes at the optimal temperature and in perfect shape.

Before your next early season, warm weather hunt, make sure you have the right gear to protect your hard-earned trophy. The quality and flexibility of this product will truly amaze you. Give Trophy Bag Kooler a call at (866) 789-6941 or visit them at

Josh Sturgill
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