One Tough Buck | Crazy Trail Camera Photos

By Hunting NetworkMay 3, 2012

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

These incredible trail camera photos have been making the rounds for the past few months, and we wanted to share them with those who haven’t seen them yet.  Anyone who hunts whitetails can atest to their toughness, and this buck is certainly no exception to that rule. 

The story below was included with the photos as they were e-mailed to us.  We have no idea if it is true or not, but regardless of the story these are some incredible pictures.  It truly is unfortunate to see a wounded animal, especially when that wound was caused by a hunter, however it’s also a harsh reminder that even though we may try our best and do everything right, the hunter doesn’t always win.

“I shot this buck on Nov. 16 in Kansas from a ground blind at 16 yards with a 70 lbs. bow and a Rage 3 blade broad head.  I waited until he was quartering away and aimed for the opposite shoulder.  The arrow penetrated almost to the fletching.  The deer ran about 60 yards, stopped, staggered and almost went down.  He looked around then ran another 120 yards and jumped over the neighbors fence.  We obtained permission to look for him and did so for most of the next two days.  We trailed him about 1/4 mile and lost blood.  We then put a tracking dog on him, but never found the buck.  When the neighbor checked his trail cameras this is what he found.

I have shot several deer with this broad head with amazing results and some of the shots were not this good.  I am saddened and puzzled by this outcome.

My gut feeling is that the broad head deflected off the ribs and never entered the heart/lung area.  If you zoom in on some of the photos you can see that the broad head did open fully on impact and there was a very good blood trail for 5-600 yards.

The neighbor has promised to check his cameras regularly to try and see if he makes it or not.”

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