A Young Hunters First Deer

If there’s one thing our staff here at the Hunting Network loves to hear about, it’s a young hunters first deer. This young lad was proud to show us his – congrats David!

I seem to get more excited ever year when a new hunter begins his/her journy to becoming a hunter. Most start out with squirrels or Rabbits. That is the case with my neighbors son David. We do a annual squierrel hunt in jan then we take the new hunters on a pheasant hunt. It will now be our third year. Anyway David was one of the first to tag along 3 years ago. He squirrel hunted that year and moved to Deer with a rifle and pheasants. By his ripe old age of 14 David seemed to be a seasoned hunter an anxious to shoot his first whitetail buck with his bow. David spent alot of time shooting over the past couple years but was unable to get that buck within range. His passion soon became a quest. He hunted this fall as much as his dad could get him into the woods which seemed to be almost every weekend and a few after school runs to the tree. It was late oct. the 29th to be excact. I recieved a text from John saying that David had shot his first buck. I responded with an awesome and do you need help. I am always willing to give up some time in the tree to help a young hunter find their first deer. John replied with a not right now David believes he hit him back a little to far. They would look in the morning and not take any chances.

The next morning there were many texts back and forth as I had a friend hunting and was unable to help right away in the am. The night was not a nice one either as rain had moved in and washed the blood away. However no one was about to give up. At 10 am or so I recieved another text saying they had found his deer and was wondering if i could come take photos. I was already on my way. Once i was there the stories began. I can still hear see that lok in his eye and hear him explaining the hunt in detail over and over again. ( I was right here in this stand, the buck came from my left and i had to move a little. It took forever for him to move 15 yards, and the story went on until then he turned away from me and i let the arrow fly) He found his mark and what looked like a shot that was to far back was actually a great shot. He had seen his fletching right behind the last rib,but the buck was quarting away and the arrow stopped in the bucks oppisite shoulder.  We drug the deer back to where he had shot it for pics and listened to the story one more time. I get excited over the youths and new hunters success so i thank you John and David for letting me be a part in this and i feel honored.  These hunters are our future. Get involved with the youth and stengthen our numbers for the future. Again Congrat to you David. Hunting is now in your blood forever.



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