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Treestand Safety Application For Smartphones

The following Application can be downloaded on your cellular phone this fall for absolutely no cost to you. The benefit of this App. is that it could potentially save your life. Please read and pass the information to your hunting friends. Let’s make this year the safest year we’ve all ever endured.

The people at forHuntersbyHunters in association with the Hog-g App team has completed the prototype of a treestand safety tool that will be on display at the Eastern Outdoors Sports Show in Harrisburg,Pa on 25-13 at the Kodak Outdoors booth.

A “first of its kind safety device” that utilizes modern technology to aid hunters in the event of a fall from an elevated hunting platform. forhuntersbyhunters are dedicated to meld modern technology with the oldest hobbies of all time, hunting and fishing. Originally designed for Hunters , SafeClimber could be used as in other ares such as roofing work, for Linemen or anywhere there is a risk of injury from falling when you are by yourself.

This much anticipated prototype is finally ready – the “SafeClimber” safety Application for all who hunt from an elevation that have or will buy a smartphone and it is FREE. Thats right, not a cent. 4HxH and the developers are more interested in saving lives than making money. We will be rewarded when the first hunters life is saved because you just can’t put a price on life.Nearly every hunter I know, myself included, knows of at least one hunter that has fallen from a treestand. Hunting accidents such as accidental shootings, rank high, but still treestand accidents are among the top reported accidents during hunting season We want to drive that number down.If you own a smartphone, this is a must have hunting App, a real no brainer because it’s FREE and can save your life.Statistically, nearly one out of every three hunters that hunt from an elevated stand will fall at some point during their span of hunting and treestand accidents are among the top reported accidents during hunting season.There are an estimated 13 Million climbing treestands in use today.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) nearly 75% of falls happen while the hunter is climbing the tree. The “SafeClimber” application has a 1 touch SOS button to enable an emergency text if you find yourself dangling from a tree. The App also has an automatic contact function (automated safety monitor) that will text two preselected contacts (one click from your contacts list for each for a total of two contacts for redundancy) and if you have a GPS signal, the phone can deliver your location by telling exactly where you are located if you you fall from the stand and are unconscious. Another important feature is that your phone will let you know that it has been triggered which gives you time to stop the emergency texts on a false alarm to keep the EMT’s from coming.


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