Trail Camera Photos Of Velvet Bucks with Monster Raxx Minerals

The anticipation built as the weeks went by. I was just waiting for the moment that I could scroll through the photos of this property for the first time this year. The uncertainty of the unknown makes trail cameras so addicting. You just never know what will walk in front of your camera. My Monster Raxx Mineral lick has paid dividends over the past six weeks with numerous trail camera photos of the boys of summer.

My trail camera captured numerous velvet bucks ranging from a one antlered fork “horn” up to a very nice looking seven point buck. There were quite a few other bucks that fall between them as well. Below I chronologize the events my trail camera captured for me.



These two photos pictured above are the youngsters of the group, a one antlered fork and a four point. Depending on how well they dodge hunters and predators, one day they could be the big dog on the block. Both of these bucks spent a lot of time on the minerals. The buck in the second photo liked the mineral site so much he chose to bed down beside it for close to an hour one day.  The following photo shows him stretching out next to the minerals.


To follow is two photos of what appears to be a two year old six point.  You can see how much even younger bucks can grow over a four week time frame. He looks like he could be a pretty nice buck next year. He looks pretty wide for his age, he could have the frame to put on a lot of inches as he gets some age on him.



Any one who knows me, knows that I find a lot of odd racked bucks…  This year is no different, this guy just showed up a few days ago. He only passed by the mineral site and camera, he did not stop. I only had three photos of him all in sequence, the other two photos were blurry from him entering and exiting the camera frame.


Finally the highlight of this property, a nice seven point.  From the early photos, I didn’t think he would get very big this year… As I browsed through the weeks on the SD card he just kept on getting bigger and bigger.  He is by no means a monster buck, but I really like this guy.  He is officially on the hit list.  It isn’t that often you see a big mature seven pointer. I would be happy to place my Ohio buck tag on this guy! You can see he put on a lot of inches in just a month. He looks to have a good bit of growing to do yet as well.  Really looking forward to seeing him in hard, polished antler.





I consider my first experience with Monster Raxx Minerals a success. It attracted multiple bucks of various ages and kept them coming back over and over. I cannot attest to how much the minerals may have aided these bucks in antler and body growth, but I can say the minerals did exactly what I hoped they would…  Bring bucks in and keep them coming back to my trail camera time and time again.

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