Lone Wolf Portable Treestands Best Treestand for Bowhunters

By Cody AltizerJune 20, 2011

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

Struggling for a good introduction to my next blog, I went downstairs, grabbed the star of the aforementioned blog, and went outside looking for inspiration.  I had barely made it out of my garage when I thought to myself, “Who am I kidding?  I don’t need a witty introduction for this piece of equipment and the message I want to get across, this product just plains works.  This is going to be a meat and potatoes blog about a meat and potatoes piece of gear.”  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the simplistic effectiveness of Lone Wolf Portable Treestands.

Admittedly, I had never hunted out of a Lone Wolf stand until last fall.  Filming and hunting alongside admitted Lone Wolf addicts Todd Graf and Justin Zarr, however, opened my eyes to a whole new world of bowhunting; one of increased success and more shot opportunities at bucks.  One hunt out of a Lone Wolf Assault Hang On taught me that if I wanted to be a more successful bowhunter, I needed to go after the deer, rather than waiting for them to come to me.  Aside from my bow, a Lone Wolf stand, when teamed with Lone Wolf’s lightweight and packable climbing sticks, is the most important piece of equipment in my arsenal of gear.  

Lone Wolf Portable Treestands allow today’s bowhunter to hunt, well, like a wolf.  Their stealthy design and ease of use provides hunters with endless options when hanging stands.

I’ve learned quickly in my 5 years of bowhunting that whitetails rarely follow the script that I’ve laid out for them.  For whatever reason, shooter bucks just don’t like getting as close to me as I like getting close to them.  When hunting animals as instinctive and intelligent as a whitetail, it is important to remain flexible and be willing to make adjustments on the fly.  Lone Wolf stands make this an extremely viable option.  

This is especially true in the mountains of Virginia where I will spend the majority of my hunting time this fall.  Bowhunting for mountain bucks is a craft that I haven’t quite figured out yet, and one that has led to a lot of frustration in recent years.  I’ve seen my fair share of 3.5+ year old bucks in the thick pockets of timber on my hunting property, but never have I been able to get in bow range of one.  Confined to clumsy ladder stands, or bulky hang-ons and steel ladders, I admitted defeat as I knew changing my position with one of these stands would be time consuming and cause such a disturbance that I would likely never see that buck again period, let alone get a shot at him.  That will not be the case this fall.  I’ll have the majority of my stands hung by the end of this month, but I’ll keep an extra Lone Wolf and climbing sticks at the ready.  This will allow me to effectively ambush bucks without their knowing of my presence.

The extreme lightweight design of Lone Wolf stands allow hunters to “run n’ gun” when bowhunting.  Having a light and easy to carry treestand is especially beneficial when hunting mature mountain bucks like I do.

 One Lone Wolf stand will give me endless options in the woods because of their stealthy design and extreme ease of use.  They are so easy to use, in fact, that I feel comfortable hanging a Lone Wolf stand in the middle of the night.  This may sound crazy; however, it could provide you with your only opportunity at a buck, especially a mature buck.  It is important to remember to be safe when hanging treestands, and don’t do anything you aren’t comfortable doing.  Always wear a linesman’s belt when hanging your stand and sticks, and always wear a safety harness while in stand.  No buck, no matter how big, is worth risking your life over.  I recommend that every hunter practice hanging their treestands in the offseason.  This will help you become more comfortable in hanging treestands and may prevent injury in the future.

The secret to Lone Wolf’s complete line of treestands is their exclusive, one piece, cast aluminum platform that provides superior strength, stealth and durability.  These platforms are solidly built so they give the hunter the safety and assurance we all look for in the tree, while being so deadly silent that is almost impossible to make noise when standing on the platform.  Other stands may sound like a bowl of Rice Krispie cereal in the stand- snapping, cracking and popping, but not a Lone Wolf.  

The secret to Lone Wolf’s genious engineering is their one piece, cast aluminum platform.  This platform is solid as a rock, yet quiet as a field mouse.

I’m also proud to remind everyone that Lone Wolf has brought the production of their treestands back to America.  This is welcomed news to the hunter who wants to support the struggling American economy by spending their hard earned money on a product they know is a being manufactured right here at home.  The best treestands in the world are again being manufactured in the best country in the world!  What could be better?

Lone Wolf stands are again being fully manufactured in the United States of America!

Bowhunting for mature whitetails is a game of chance, and we as hunters must do everything we can to tip the odds in our favor.  Some hunters practice scent control religiously to avoid a whitetail’s extraordinary sense of smell.  While others invest time, effort and money into planting gorgeous looking food plots to concentrate deer to certain areas to better their odds.  Granted, these are great techniques and strategies that have allowed many a hunter to harvest many a whitetail, however, sometimes they just aren’t enough; some whitetails are nearly impossible to kill.  This is when the lightweight, durability and ease of use of Lone Wolf Portable Treestands can give you the opportunity at bucks you otherwise would not have been able to kill.


To learn more about Lone Wolf and their complete line of hunting products, visit their new website here.

Cody Altizer
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