Bowhunters Luck

By Hunting NetworkApril 14, 2011

UPDATED ON: May 8th, 2015

Bow hunting, though most might disagree, is a very therapeutic and romantic challenge.  Not only are you dealing with the animal you’re hunting but a lot of other uncontrollable factors as well.  Wind, rain, snow, sleet, hail, temperature, other animals, etc. are all factors that can play a huge role in the success (or failure) of your hunt.  My question to you is this: where do all these factors come from?  Why did the wind change direction? How did those turkeys bust you?  What’s ticking off that barking squirrel?  Do these things happen for a reason?  Will I ever get another chance, or do I chalk it up to another lesson learned?  But even after all of this, we keep going back to the tree stand.

When we do become successful and harvest an animal is it because all the conditions were right? Did I do all the right things, or was there a little luck involved?  If so where did that luck come from?  I wonder if we were born with a limited supply in an account that we are allowed to draw from every once in a while. I can’t recall the last time a truthful hunter told me that luck had nothing to do with his harvest.

Some days we have luck and some days we don’t.   Will it all even out in the end?   I still wonder how we can be lucky enough to experience that magical moment in the woods when an animal presents itself for a shot, completely unaware of our presence.  Surely we have the scent-free gear, fancy equipment, calls, blinds, tree stands, etc., but no matter how good we think we are, we all need a little luck (or a lot of luck) to have a successful hunt.  I would like to be content knowing that we have all been blessed by a higher power who allows us to do the things we love and allows us just a little of that “luck.”  So maybe the next time you have a great hunt or a great harvest, you may want to thank God for the “luck” he provided.  You never know– he just may put a little more allowance in your “luck” account.

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