You Pick My Stand This Weekend

By John MuellerDecember 15, 201021 Comments

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

Ok, here’s your chance to pick the stand I hunt from this weekend. Since I can’t seem to pick the right one to be in, I’m going to let you pick the spot. I’ll post some arieal pictures and a topo of my property and give you a little information on each area and then you tell me where to sit.

 The predicted winds are supposed be from the Northwest at 5-10 mph, temps in the low teens at night and 25-30 during the day. This is very hilly ground so the wind does tend to swirl and change directions quite often. Unless it’s a strong steady wind it’s really hard to predict where my scent will travel.


Yellow is my property line.

#1. A creek crossing at the end of a point. The long skinny green field is NWSG (CRP). Right across the creek is a picked bean field. No kills here yet

#2. A ridge between a very steep, deep hollow and the hillside leading down to the CRP. Killed my doe in this area earlier this season.

#3. A 30 yard wide spot in my food plot with soy beans and brassicas planted in front of it. 1 buck and 3 does have been killed here.

#4. The bottom of a small creekbed the deer like to travel through. Scrapes and rubs here earlier. This is where I killed my buck in 2008 and also a doe that year.

#5. Large creek bottom with flowing water and many ridges dropping down into it here. Many scrapes and rubs here. 2 does have been killed here.

#6. Ground blind between standing soy beans and brassicas. A doe was killed from a stand in the North end of the field here.

#7. Trail around the head of a steep ravine leading from bedding are to food plot. 2 does have been killed here.

#8. Where point starts to drop off towards neighbors picked corn field. Also a bedding area. No kills here yet.

#9. Ridge above steep ravine, huge rubs here, bedding area. My first kill on the property was a doe from a stand here.


3D view from the North

3D view from the West

3D view from the South

3D view from the East

Deer Beds from my first few scouting trips of the property.

The area with the highest concentration of beds is my designated sanctuary. I stay out of there unless I’m on a blood trail or shed hunting in the spring. It’s a fairly brushy area with some points the deer like to bed on.


John Mueller
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