The tale of a treestand…. The effectiveness of a lock on and sticks.

By Hunting NetworkDecember 4, 2010

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

This blog is a tribute to the effectiveness of utilizing a mobile lock on and sticks setup for same day hunts.

I own a Lone Wolf Assault and 4 Lone Wolf climbing sticks. This stand hasn’t been used a ton of times maybe 20 sits in all over the last two years, but when it has been utilized it has helped put me, my brother Jason and buddy Frank in position to get on big bucks.

These type of stands coupled with climbing sticks allow you to hunt in not just trees that others cannot in climbers but whole areas that are left alone by climber hunters.  You can take advantage of these areas of low pressure with this treestand setup or one similar.

In the past two seasons this treestand setup has put us three on (they are to cheap to buy their own and borrow my gear all the time) 7 big bucks in 3 different counties.  Half of those big bucks were on public land and every one of the encounters were within shooting range.  Each of these buck sightings came from areas where a climber just was not a possibility.

My brother Jason and my buddy Frank, both saw the largest bucks of their hunting careers from this stand last season. 

Although I am the only one to harvest any bucks out of this stand, without this setup none of us would have been in position to see any of these bucks. 

I encourage you to start thinking outside of the nice hardwood setups and get into the junk with a mobile hang on setup. Maybe your results will mirror ours.

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