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As I move into my 30’s and close in on my 2nd decade of chasing whitetails with a bow I can’t help but notice the vast amount of trends that we see in the archery and hunting industries.  Every year there’s a barage of great new innovations that are sure to make us more effective bowhunters.  However the more I hunt the more I find myself relying on the tried and true products and technologies that have two distinct qualities; durability and dependability.

One segment of bowhunting that has seen remarkable advancements in technologies over the years is broadheads.  In today’s marketplace they come in all shapes, sizes and colors.  Each one taughting it’s ability to blast through  hide, bust through bone and create holes roughly the size of a small planet.  With a seemingly endless supply of celebrity endorsements, TV commercials and print ads you’d think some of these heads would darn near jump out of your quiver and kill your quarry all by themselves!

The Nitron from New Archery Products is a broadhead that many bowhunters may not be familiar with.  There’s no fancy ad campaigns pushing it, no TV celebrities with their smiling face on the package, and no lame catch-phrases being coined in it’s honor.  This is a product that has silently snuck under the radar despite it’s impeccable qualites that make it, in my opinion, one of the finest broadheads ever produced.

Made from 100% stainless steel from the tip to the ferrule to the blades the Nitron is both durable as well as dependable.  I have personally shot this head through the shoulder of several whitetails with devastating results.  Complete penetration through the entire animal and a broadhead that looked virtually brand new when I picked it up afterwards.

Like all NAP broadheads the Nitron features surgical steel Diamize blades which makes them the sharpest in the industry.  The Diamize process is exclusive to all NAP broadheads which is part of their recipe for success.  When it comes to putting down animals in a hurry, having sharp blades is a must.  The sharper the blades the better the penetration and better blood trails since the coagulants in the animals’s blood cannot adhere to the slick edges left by sharp blades.  Sharper blades mean quicker kills – period.

Possibly the finest feature of this broadhead is it’s accuracy.  I’ve shot my fair share of broadheads before, both fixed blade and mechanicals, and have yet to find one as accurate as the Nitron.  This “mini” broadhead, with it’s 1 1/16″ cutting diameter flies like a dart.  While the current trend may be “massive wound channels” and holes big enough to stick your fist in, I’ll take a well placed arrow that’s going to deliver both entrance and exit holes any day.  Throwing an axe through an animal sounds great, but doesn’t mean much if you don’t hit where you need to.

While many bowhunters shy away from the Nitron’s small size, I assure you this only works to your advantage.  The small profile of this broadhead not only reduces drag and wind planing to make it more accurate, it also reduces friction as it passes through the animal which increases penetration.  Just two weeks ago I took down a 200 plus pound whitetail with this broadhead which you will see on this week’s episode of Bowhunt or Die!  From the time my arrow struck the buck it took a mere 13 seconds for the animal to expire.  Proving yet again that there simply is no substitute for accuracy, durabilty and sharpness.  Don’t let the size fool you, this broadhead is a stone cold killer.

Since 2006 I’ve been fortunate enough to harvest 14 whitetails and 1 antelope with the NAP Nitron.  Every shot has produced both entry and exit wounds. Nearly half of those animals have fallen within sight of my stand and those that didn’t generally made it just out of sight before expiring.  I have replaced the blades and shot multiple animals with the same head without a problem.  Dependable, durable, and accurate – that’s the Nitron.  For my money, it doesn’t get much better than this.

If you’re in the market for a new broadhead I encourge you to try out the Nitron.  You may just be surprised that such a small head can deliver such big results.  You can purchase them right here in the store.  Click here for the 100 grain Nitron and click here for the 125 grain Nitron.  Don’t let the “crossbow” title confuse you, a broadhead is a broadhead no matter what arrow you screw it on the end of.


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  2. Mike Willand says:

    Greatest. Broadhead. Ever.

  3. They are not going to discontinue this head?

  4. Justin Zarr says:

    That's still up for debate. Still holding out hope that they'll produce it for awhile longer. If not, I'll be stocking up on them before they're gone. I plan on shooting this head for some time to come.

  5. Brandon T says:

    These heads are like the Slick Trick heads. Those heads for as small as they are fly exactly like field points and put an inch hole. Elk are killed no problem with Slick Tricks.

  6. englum_06 says:

    I've killed 2 deer with the heads this year including Muley, my 182 5/8 eleven point.

    I switched over to them this year because I loved how accurate they flew the first time I shot them. Don't know how or why it would be, but it seems like I shoot much more consistent groups with them than I do my field tips. I couldn't help but wonder if they don't help "stabilize" the arrow somewhat.

    My local Gander Mt. has clearanced the replacement blades out to $10 a pack, so I've been picking up a pack every time I go there- I think I've got 5 packs of blades now. I was also able to pick up 6 heads for $30.

    I do have one question about the heads though. I noticed on the packs of blades, they mostly all say 100gr, but one pack of them says "100/125gr". I'm assuming the blades are the same for both the 100 and the 125, and the center ferrule is of a different weight, correct?

  7. JD Smith says:

    Can you get a practice head for these to shoot with?

  8. Justin Zarr says:

    Replacement blades are the same for both the 100 and 125 grain heads. You're correct that the weight difference is in the ferrule itself. And no, there are no practice heads available. Typically with a fixed-blade head that has replacable blades you just replace blades after you practice. Personally I keep 2 or 3 practice heads around for target shooting, and use the rest for hunting.

  9. JD Smith says:

    I'm very interested in buying the NAP Nitron from Would anyone out there be interested in giving me some old blades for the Nitron for practice? I would certainly be willing to pay for shipping.

  10. JD Smith says:

    I am looking for a broadhead to shoot for good penetration and accurate flight, this one sounds great. I plan to purchase the Nitron from Would anyone be up for parting with some used, dull blades so I could start with something to practice with? I would be willing to reimburse especially for the shipping. Anyone with blades? I live in the Indy area if it helps.

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