Bowhunting the Illinois Rut – Day 2

By Justin ZarrNovember 13, 2010

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

When the forecast said it was going to be windy today, they certainly weren’t kidding!  We awoke this morning to temps in the mid 50’s with a stiff SW wind of around 18 to 20 mph.  That was about as warm as it got today with temps falling steadily into the low 40’s by nightfall.

As planned, Cody and I returned to our newly set-up ground blind with high hopes.  Unfortunately the deer didn’t cooperate with us as once again we were blanked on deer sightings.  When you put yourself into a situation where you can only see just about far enough to shoot, that will happen from time to time.  Although we didn’t see any deer, I will admit that I didn’t mind hunting out of the blind.  Being able to stretch out, munch on some snacks, and stay out of the wind was alright with me.

Deer?  No deer!

Not the greatest setup in the world, but we figured it would do in a pinch.

This afternoon we headed up into the timber, thinking maybe we’d have some better luck.  We left Jeremy in a stand tucked nicely away out of the wind, while we climbed up into our stand and just about got blown into the next county!  We did see a few deer tonight, but nothing much to speak of.  A few does and fawns and one small buck.  Jeremy had an encounter with a good 8 point that was just out of range, along with several does and small bucks.  The dee are definitely on their feet, and it’s only a matter of time now.

Jeremy inspecting one of the many nice rubs near his treestand.

Tomorrow temps are supposed to be in the 30’s with much lighter winds, which should be just about perfect.  Cody and I are heading back to the stand where I shot my buck on Halloween, so if we have a little luck on our side maybe lighting will strike twice!

Will tomorrow be the day we bloddy an arrow?

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