Mathews Archery Introduces New Customizable Accessories

By Hunting NetworkNovember 8, 2010

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

Bowhunters around the world differ on many archery topics.  Fixed blade vs. mechanical broadheads, scent control techniques, timing of the rut; the list goes on and on.  However, at the end of the day the general consensus among archers is this: Mathews has always led the way in archery technology.  Likewise, Mathews accessories are a perfect fit for your bow.  Outfit your bow with all of these great accessories including a great selection of quivers, rests, grips, bowstrings, and more!  Introducing new accessories that enhance performance and give a unique look to your bow, only from Mathews!


Custom Damping Accessories: Customize your bow the way you want.

Customizing and creating a unique look are a symbol of creativity and individualism.  Mathews believe archers have both!  So give your bow a makeover with a variety of colors that show spirit and attitude.  Mathews Custom damping Accessories are available in 7 colors for Harmonic Dampers, String Suppressors Dampers, Dead End dampers, and Mini Harmonic Dampers.  Whether you want to accent your Mathews bow, Arrow Rest, Quiver or String Stop, you’ll find a look that’s perfect for you.  Time to put your game face on your bow!


 Focus Grip: Optimize hand placement and minimize torque

The new Focus Grip helps minimize hand torque in the event of poor hand placement by keeping pressure concentrated in the center of the grip, unlike typical flat top grips that move pressure to the outside edge which increases hand torque.


Monkey Tails: String dampers you can install without the need of a bowpress.

New colors for 2011! Monkey Tails are now available in 8 different color options (including black)! This string accessory is a must have and comes standard on the Mathews Z7! Four Monkey Tails equates to a minimal speed loss of 1-2 fps total with virtually all string and cable sound and vibration eliminated.

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