2nd Annual Bowhunting.com 200 Point club!

By Dustin DeCrooNovember 2, 20101 Comment

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

The rut of the 2010 bowhunting season is in full swing in parts of the country.  Bowhunting.com has created a 200 point club for those members that do what it takes to put down a stud buck and or a doe.  In the bowhunting.com contest a doe is worth 50 points and a buck is worth it’s gross score in inches.  The bh.com members that reach the 200 point mark, and enter their kills in the “200 Point Club Entry” thread, will receive a gift from Bowhunting.com.  Not to mention bragging rights and something prestigious to add to your signature in the bh.com forum!

How it works:

Each hunter may enter either a buck and doe or just a buck that meets or exceeds 200 points.  The deer must be killed with a bow during the 2010 season, photo proof is required.  The top scorer will have his/her package sweetened as well.  Good luck to everyone!

Bowhunting.com member Tim aka TJF is the first member of the 2010 Bowhunting.com 200 point club.  Congrats Tim on an absolute slammer buck!

Tim’s early season monster he had nicknamed the “71 Incher” from a shed found the year before!

North Dakota good eats!!!!

Dustin DeCroo
Hunting Guide at Big Horn Outfitters
Dustin is a professional hunting guide and owner of Big Horn Outfitters in Buffalo, Wyoming where he lives with his wife and 2 children.
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