Bowhunting Manipulated Monster Bucks: Part 1 (MOCK SCRAPES)

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LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

 Over the next few weeks I am going to write about the Manipulating Monster Bucks, Aggressively.  This is key… BE AGGRESSIVE.  Hunting dominate mature bucks requires a different mindset then the rest of the deer herd; my goal is to fire them up, make them angry, and to create a very angry monster buck. 

Part #1 – Mock Scrapes

Part #2 – Drag Rags & Scents

Part #3 – Decoying & Calling

Part #4 – Food – Cover – Food

Part #5 – Sit long/Hunt Hungry

By the time Mid-October rolls around hunters and big mature bucks have the same idea; the rut is ON!  The first rubs and scrapes start appearing along ridges, saddles and field edges.  This is a great time to introduce yourself to the dominant bucks in the area.  Creating mock scrapes in the bedroom of a big buck requires only a few items:

Scents: (I like Tink’s Power Scrape)

Pruners and Saws:

Trail Cameras:

Each hunter is different (just like every buck) so in my view there is no “right” or “wrong” way to create a mock scrape.  Remember to remain completely scent free, use gloves and scent elimination products.  If you want to shoot a big dominate buck, act like one.  Don’t be afraid to tear up the soil break a few licking branches and cover the soil with scrape starter and dominant buck urine (maybe even a few drops of doe estrus…).  I want the buck to know I’m there and that mean business.


Last weekend I deployed 3 mock scrapes in Minnesota using this technique and will be doing the same this weekend in Wisconsin!  I will update in a few weeks to see how many dominate bucks I angered.


See you in the woods,

Neal McCullough



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