Trophy Ridge Introduces New Hit-Man Series Bowhunting Sight

One inch can be the difference between success and failure.

If it isn’t more accurate, lighter or more durable, it doesn’t make it on to Trophy Ridge equipment.  The folks at Trophy Ridge know you’re waiting hours, days, or years for that shot.  That’s why Trophy Ridge is built to deliver anywhere, anytime… all the time.  Hit-Man Series Sights.  A precise, durable edge from Trophy Ridge.


The new Hit-Man from Trophy Ridge.


• Front, clear Fiber Optic Ring soaks up all available light to produce the brightest pins Trophy Ridge has ever offered.• Mico-adjustment reduces time sighting-in, increases time in the field.  Nylon bushings prevent binding over time from dirt and dust.  •Sight Light Housing accepts the exclusive Trophy Ridge Rheostat Sight Light and channels the light through the fiber optics- exposing your pins instead of your position. •  Sight level with 3rd axis adjustability. • Zero ping gap spacing.• Designed for use with left and right hand bows.


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